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From: Arwen <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] An update - JenniKenni Meet
Date: 14 Nov 2000 21:46:29 -0000
Message-ID: <>


This is an update of the earlier [ANNOUNCE]

Ladies and Gentelemen, we present:

Jennifer-in-Kennington Meet. 
(and Flexor, and Gid'n'Suzi, and many other rare and/or furring

London - Kennington lots.many

Saturday 18 Nov 2000 
6:00 pm in the Mansion House [1]
I expect that somewhere between 7 and 8 we will wander down 
to the other pub [the White Bear] [2]
If you're arriving after 8 PM you could go straight to there. 
If you're unsure about where we are, you can phone us.
So if you expect to arrive late ask me for a mobile number.

We're flat out of crash-space, but current calculations tell me it
be cramped but do-able. If you need space but haven't told me so, 
you have a problem. [seriously, let me know *now* and I might 
be able to arrange something.]

1] exit Kennington tube station, cross the road on your right, turn

right and walk parallel to the road until the Mansion House is on 
yer left. Enter the pub. Look around for AFPeople.

2]If you come out of Kennington Tube Station, cross the road and 
turn left. Walk parallel to the road until you see the pub on your 
right side. 
It should be about a 5 minutes walk. If you're unsure about where 
we are, just phone.

Cuddly toys, bubble-blow gear, geeky T-shirts, as much Ben'nJerry's

icecream as you can carry (for your meet-arranger) and if you
to come from the Netherlands, lots and lots of kruisdrop.(please?)
Other Dutch goodies in the form of speculaas/pepernoten always 
welcome, of course ;-)
Oh, and chocolate, if you're so inclined.

In any case, we shouldn't be hard to recognize - copperblonde girl 
and dark-haired guy both in a long black coat. Both in their *own* 
long black coat, we're not sharing it ;-)

If you want to come but haven't told me yet, please let me know

This has been an [ANNOUNCE][UPDATE] brought to you by:

Arwen Luné
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