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From: "Mark Datko" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] South Yorkshire Meet, Februray 3
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 14:03:02 -0000
Message-ID: <>


South Yorkshire Meet February 3,2001

"Hippomeet 0.1 beta"

Where : The Old Queen's Head,Sheffield (Free house)

Supposedly the oldest pub in the city
( Queen)

When :  Saturday, February 3, from 12:30 onwards

The pub serves very reasonably priced food
so I thought we'd start off with lunch there
and then let the meet evolve

Why :  Afp's *9th* birthday (rapidly dons fireproof suit ;)

Since I shall be organising the local afparty celebrations
in a years time, I thought it might be prudent to sample
a possible venue in good time ;)

The pub is adjacent to the Travel Interchange
(bus station) in the heart of Sheffield, which is about 5 min walk
from the main line central rail station.
(coming out of the station cross 
the main road and turn right (North)
towards the covered walkway ,
 follow the walkway,
cross into the bus station, walk right thro,
turn right at the mini-precinct, go down the steps and
thro the doors and the Old Queen's Head is right in front of you)

Motorists are advised to use one of the clearly signed multi-storeys
and proceed on foot.

Crash space/Sunday option :

If any folk do wish to stay the Saturday night
I can provide some crash space at the Hippo house 
(a short train/bus/taxi ride from the venue)

If anyone one else is willing to graciously offer a floor or two
I'd be very grateful if they could contact me in good time 
so  I can co-ordinate matters.

If numbers, interest and above all the state of the uk rail 
network allow, an excursion to the Pudsey book fair may
happen on the Sunday

All welcome !, old familiar faces as well as the meet first timer
Come and help me with ideas for next year !

If you require crash space, or need more detailed directions
please email.

See you there ! (my hedgehog will be by my side)

Mark Datko  (hippo)
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