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Valentines Hug a Cloggie Meet: Announce

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 20:22:44 +0000
From: Karen <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] London 10th February - Valentines 'Hug a cloggie' meet
Message-ID: <>


you coming??


- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Announce format ruthlessly stolen from Entmeet announce which was stolen
from Martin :] This is again fairly short notice I know, so if you are
interested please, email me so that I can give the landlady a rough idea
of numbers.

It has been pointed out to me that since I'm organising a 10th
Anniversary Entmeet in London at around this time next year [your actual
birthday time] I probably ought to get in some practice. [see .sig for
blatant plug] A trial run you might say. Or do I mean a trial?

So...cut the vagaries and get down to details you say...


To induce goth flashbacks...<ahem>

More appropriately to shamelessly exploit the visit of one Patrick
Dersjant, of Benelux meets and L-Space Share Certificates fame, to
organise another London meet. So come along and make it as successful as
the last one!

The fortuitous proximity of Valentines day does of course provide actual
justification for all the usual tasteful activities and paraphernalia
associated with these things :] 

Hence the title...
Anyone know a good stockist of pink fluffy hedgehogs?

And hopefully a link up with the Notts meet - webcams anyone?

Since this is vaguely classifiable as a warm up Anniversary meet I have
'invited' the Convention Directors to come along and reveal Big
Mysterious Sekkrits about the Convention Anniversary afparty. But they
are recovering nicely though and will be well enough to attend the event
in person :]

This revelation will apparently include some of the Specially Hand
Designed Invitations being dished out, and revealing the identity of the
Mysterious Clown, and some of the party games and events being planned.
Jelly and custard pies for the Chairman?  O:] 
All will be revealed in a Comedy Routine as I understand it. 
Oh and I've suggested that they might possibly want to bring a few of
the special edition t-shirts with 'em as well should anyone care to save
on p&p. [g]


The Green Man Pub directly opposite Great Portland St tube station, with
pretty good access for most of the mainline stations. 

The downstairs bar is reserved for us.   Hey I'm getting better at this,
last time I didn't even have venue at the outset :]  Next year who


Saturday, February 10th, from 6:00. The pub also does food.


Anybody who wants to come spend time with us.


Should you bring? Chocolate, strange candy and fluffy toys, envelopes
all welcome.  But mostly yourselves...


Please let me know if you're coming, so that I can tot up numbers, I'll
also try to co-ordinate crash space if required so please send
offers/requests to me as well. Especially offers :]

Any further questions, remarks and suggestions, mail them to me as well.


- -- 
             ** AFP will be 10 years old in 2002 **
Want to come to a world wide party?   

- -----End of original message from Karen-----

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