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From: Karen <>
Subject: [F] London Valentines Meet 10th Feb, biggest ever :}}
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 02:37:05 +0000
Message-ID: <>

OK as always from me, this is not a meet report. This is because I
cannot write meet reports. MiQ *very* kindly volunteered to perform the
honours and will be along presently, now that I have the cast list up
for him :] Now that the over excited nomes are finally asleep...

Once again we gathered in the Green Man in sizeable numbers. Plainly it
has something, this place, which combines well with furrin guests to
pull in afpers as it does [g]

Patrick will also be adding his comments, and as many other attendees
who feel the inclination - please add short or long comments, or any
casual observations.

Simon Callan kept a quote file. I would like to point out here and now
that where I am concerned this is a complete fabrication conjured up for
the enjoyment of the audience and that in fact my lips were sealed for
the entire evening and I said not a word. Honest. And any words I didn't
say were taken out of context. OK?

By my reckoning 57 attenders plus one by cellphone, bigger even than the
Entmeet last October [49 attenders].  Leo  - eat your heart out, Patrick
is plainly a *far* more attractive proposition in the 'hug a cloggie
stakes':p   If you are very nice to him he will tell you how to attract
a real crowd :]

People came early, stayed late until the bar staff were virtually in
pyjamas, and then hung around even longer. Hopefully that is a good
Assorted Dutch imports were distributed - spekkies, gobstoppers for the
children [inspirational idea that], Martin Wisse, gummy sweets. Tamara
brought Israeli chocolate flakes whose name I forget for the moment.

Karen/Vixen brought tasteful Valentines balloons, and candles in the
shape of sunburned buttocks. [She claimed they were hearts but hey...]

Party invitations were distributed to all present to the AFP 10th
Birthday Bash at the 2002 Convention. More on that to follow...

There were several cellphone moments shared with the Nottingham meet
[gosh how big would that be as a joint meet I wonder?]

Little nomes indulged in persecuting helpless Gideons..

And mostly people seemed to have quite a good time.

So thankyou thankyou to everyone who came and made it successful, hope
that every else enjoyed it as much as we did :]

One last comment to Martin Wisse: Don't think for *one* moment that you
have seen the last of it...

OK on to the cast and apologies for mispellings and if I have missed you
please shout!


Starring The Visiting Furriners:

Patrick Dersjant from the Netherlands
Martin Wisse, also from the Netherlands [they travel in packs you
Tamara Rigg over from Israel [now working here as well - heh another one
Sorcha from Ireland
Penny Parkin from the US [ok semi resident]

Furriners who are now resident in the UK but rapidly running out of

Orjan Westin and Carmilla [sadly without Ann-Cathrin and Ulfie:{]
Carl Emery [Greebo] 
Arwen Lune
Tom De Mulder [newest immigrant :]

Locals [aka UK'ers]

Paul Rood and Karen/Vixen
Gideon Hallet
Mchl Grnt, the disemvowelled  man
Jonathan Simons
MEG and Geoff
Mac and Biff
Barry R
MiQ who really genuinely volunteered to do the meet report :]
Peter Ellis and Julie *vom* newly engaged complete with rings...[g]
Susan McIver
Hamster and Lady Kayla
Katrina and David
Rob Collier and Ailbhe Leamy
Esmi, Elfin and Kai
David Underdown [happy birthday to you....]
The Bellinghpersons, Alan and Collette
Simon Callan
MegaMole and Kelvix  
James Higgins
Thomas Pratchett
Ali Willis [happy birthday for the day before :]
Steve Megson
Chris Naden
Janice Wright
Jonathan Amery [Senji]

Simes by_Cellphone_all_the_way_from_sunny_Cannes_the_swine

And of course there is always an awkward one who doesn't fit any of the
above having gone in the opposite direction, from the UK to Dublin:

Mike Knell was the special star bonus prize :]


             ** AFP will be 10 years old in 2002 **
Want to come to a world wide party?   

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