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Durham 3.0: Report

From: "Jenny Radcliffe" <>
Subject: [F] Durham Sort-Of Meet 3.0 Sort-Of Report
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 15:46:21 -0000
Message-ID: <96oqq1$bvp$>

Well, something of a damp squib tried to happen last night when Susan
M and I met outside Durham Students' Union for an afp meet. When we'd
waited for the people we were expecting for about 15 minutes, we got
cold and went indoors, where we crashed the Meet for alt.dur.general
and dur.general[1] which was happening.

Shortly afterwards, Aquarion rang to say he was trying to find us, and
joined us at the Purge, where he was hugged by the Tag.

Mostly what happened after that was a normal Purge - too much beer,
too much innuendo, too much singing - but with the interesting
afp-meet additions of soft toys and chocolate.

It's worth repeating Aquarion's saying that to play a certain drinking
game it was necessary to "download" a drink ... the man says he isn't
a geek. The man lies!

There *were* an assortment of afp lurkers present - but where were all
the other Durham afpers?
Honestly, you guys!

[1] A.K.A The Purge
"I only burst into song when I'm with Dunc" - Trev Roberts, Sept 2000

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