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Meet Laurabelle in London: Report

From: (Arwen Lune)
Subject: [F] Meet Laurabelle. in London - Quotefile
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 10:44:30 +0100
Message-ID: <MPG.154e09d654eedb9989688@News.CIS.DFN.DE>

I've only got  a quotefile on this one - basically I put my psion 
in the middle of the table, and various people put down notes, 
quotes and wibblings. Enjoy.

4/21/2001 5:40:02 PM

Custom MultiThread Quotefile Mk1
One monkey, several mammoths and a doily were harmed in the 
compilation of this quotefile.

Barry: "It doesn't fit! Give it here, I'll have it"

Arwen (when The Book part lll arrives) : 

Mole: "I read Longtusk from frontcover to backcover" 
(now *there's* a thing to be proud of...)

Laurabelle: (to Arwen, squeezing tightly) Sorry, it won't fit...

Barry: Kevin, where's your other hand? 
Kevin: (with LB on his lap) Oh, this is just a new form of 

Nick Caulfield : "It's good that we're in the no-smoking section, 
only now there are no ashtrays to dump the duck in."

Eric (on seeing mad drunk women going for random snogs with doilies 
on their head) That proves it! There *are* weirder people than AFP!

[overheard conversation]
Mole: "..that turns your little balls, into great <gestures with 
hands> big balls!"
Gideon: "..sheep..."

Moth: "We're going to eat the monkey!"

<Fishing blatantly>
Moth: "So who wants head.."
Gideon: "...from the monkey"
</Fishing blatantly>

Corinne: "I'd be craving salami after a while..."

Our Irish guest, Carol, finally apologised for Boyzone. 
About bloody time.

Kevin: Damn,it's not quite a fork. (brandishing a knife to pick up 
Eric's chips with)

Gideon, with a wave of his hand : "These aren't the chocolates you 
are looking for"

Mole: "Right. Now I'm happy and will be for the rest of the 
evening. I've got something to stroke."

Arwen Lune
Arwen laid down her broadsword.  "I must ask for the knives
as well, babe." said Hammy.  Arwen growled and laid them
down.  "And the crossbow, and the morningstar, and the axe..."
[Sir Confused-a-lot on AFT]

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