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Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 19:09:32 +0000 (GMT)
From: Andy Brown <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F]Eurovision & other Nottingham Stuff
Message-ID: <>


This is rapidly turning into a tradition, so here we go again.

May 12th sees the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, so it's time for a
meet with food drink and taking the wotsit out of the contestants.

However, to do something slightly different this year, we'll be
starting the day with a cooking meet, hosted by the wonderful
Supermouse, where various bread & other products will be produced, to
be consumed whilst watching the 'music'.

The baking part of the meet will start about mid-day, and go on until
it's finished. The Eurovision part of the meet starts whenever the TV
program starts.

Crash space is available from Supermouse, and from myself & george, so
let us know if you need it (heck, let us know if you're coming, &
when, so we know who to expect)

In 'other news' The Reduced Shakespeare Company are doing the complete
works in Nottingham between 2001-04-24 and 2001-04-28, and I'm
thinking of organising a trip, so anybody who's interested should
shout up now.

Andy Brown
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