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MEGcon IV: Announce

From: "MEG" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] ++REMINDER and RAFFLE++ Bristol Meet for fans of Discworld (MEGcon IV) 26th May
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 23:40:59 +0100
Message-ID: <>

This is a reminder for the meet in Bristol (UK) on Saturday 26th May
There will be raffle tickets available for anyone interested in getting their
hands on some rather exclusive merchandise crafted by that gifted practitioner
Mr Bernard Pearson - The Cunning Artificer. He's sent me pictures of some of his
latest creations and I've put them up on my web site for your perusal. Check out (38kb)
which was dreamed up by Terry himself and
(71kb). He's also mentioned a *hush-hush* project which involves
*procrastinators* but, me being only 100 pages into the latest book [4], I'm not
sure what he's on about.

To get a better view of this talented man's repertoire, visit but please don't hold me responsible for your next
credit card bill :-)

Also, anyone who's not yet met afp's old fart of old-fartdome Rocky Frisco, will
have a chance to do so at this event as he's come all the way over from Oklahoma
to be here.

Anyone who desperately needs crash-space is welcome to bring a small tent to
tuck into a vacant corner of the back garden but the floor space is now just
about fleshed-out and the local Travel Inn has no more rooms available on the
Saturday night :-(  It might just be worth trying the new, large Travel Inn
Capital in the centre of Bristol if you're really stuck.

Check out this repeat of the original post:

 *                       I N V I T A T I O N                         *

To those afpers who are looking for something to do over the Whitsun [1] Bank
Holiday weekend - look no further. As part of the now traditional annual [2]
MEGcon meet, fans are invited to congregate at "The Pitcher and Piano" on the
Waterfront in central Bristol. The venue has been sussed out and warned of the
impending gathering and they are very amenable. We have been given permission to
take over the top floor (there is a lift) which has its own bar and they also
provide quite a nice choice of meals including a vegetarian selection. Children
are welcome - our own ankle biters and their friends will be in attendance -
though there's a curfew of 5:00pm on under-age patrons.

Date: Saturday 26th May
Time: 12:30 'til people get fed up
Go to and type in BS1 5TX
Directions: Aim for central Bristol from wherever you start and find the
@Bristol exhibition just off Anchor Road - the above link is very useful.
Parking is plentiful but can get expensive at 6 per day
Train: Go to Bristol Temple Meads station and either walk (15m) or hop on a bus
to the city centre. The above map link is again very useful.
Children: Are welcome but must be supervised (of course ;)  ) There's a ruddy
great canal outside the pub.
What to look out for: A crowd of fairly normal looking people [3], some of whom
will be wearing Discworld tee-shirts or carrying either stuffed toys, bars of
chocolate, or geek tools. Or all of the above.
What to listen out for: Shouts of "quote file"; the strains of your favourite
tune with unusual new words; lots of laughter and intelligent conversation.
What to bring: Yourself, a friend if you're nervous, and an enquiring mind.
What not to bring: A defenceless puppy, cans of Ambrosia Custard, or any
evidence with which to challenge that afp poster you've been *meaning to have a
word with*.

Mail me (reply to is valid) if you need any further information or
encouragement. If you've never attended a *meet* before, maybe this one will be
just the start you're looking for.

[1] To all "Whitsun" pedants - I've heard it all before ;)
[2] Now in its fourth year but not every twelve months
[3] For varying degrees of "normal"
[4] Hey - it's been a hectic month okay?


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