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MEGcon IV: Report

From: "Dragon Prince" <>
Subject: [F] Megcon IV an unoficial  meet report
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 00:25:40 -0700
Message-ID: <991137342.766756@dionysos>

Adrian got volunteered for the real report but I'd like to add my two
penny's worth anyway so here goes


Rocky Frisco[1]
Hippo aka dmark aka mark datko
Dragon prince
Bernard Preston
James Higgins
Graham Higgins
Adrian Ogden
several dwarfs
Megs percents
Kincaid  ( nice meeting you)
Gidion hallett
the Ppintish one
Jonathan Ellis
Martin wisse

friday night pre meet
I  was on IRC  and  Uzi was also online and I happened to ask if she
and gid were going to Bristol for the meet almost at the same time
Suzi was asking me the same question  and hence I got a lift from home
to the  meet...


/me had to go to work :(
but thankfully 'twas delt with early and I could go home and pack a
few bits  in time to get to Sainsburys for a pick up with Gid and
Suzi.  whilst waiting I got some  beer and G&B white chocolate buttons
to add to the  Maya gold I had in the bag :)[2]

my lift was late but that is of no consequence and we arrived chez Meg
about .50  to find most people already there. beer was drank and tails
large and small swapped including MEG's recipe for egg boiling[3]  a
good time         was had by all till quite late where upon we all
found places to sleep .....


up a dawns crack..nah( 10.15)

the  tribe  went to Sainsburys for food.

the day was filled with beer drinking  from almost 12 am...  even if
gid had to find a harvester pub to drink(may he recover soon...)  we
sat around chewing the cud till quite late. James recounted the tail
of his missing toe.   /me is glad that I don't have that good an
imagination. Gidion appeared in the back garden with a nurf gnu  that
would be described  as a gating nurf...  several including YHN took
turns to have a go wit it.  resulting in one dead glass door ( as it
enabled others to video the firing in a safe place)

Meg started the BBQ and cooked a wonderful spread.   (/me will say my
thanks here)

all foddered up we proceeded to the quiz...  since some present were
non Pratchett fans it was a music quiz  which Adrian won IIRRC.
Melusine got third place... but second escapes me

Graham and James depart as dose Bernard( I would recommend anyone to
get one of his module procrastinators)    chat continues till quite
late when Martin and Sandrina have  to depart :(
several guests stay up till near 2 having   a gas watching a

Gid plays Gutter and we enjoy a sing along with Rocky on keyboard
mainly Simon and garfunkul(get an easier to spell name please)  also
Jonathan played some classical bits that I enjoyed.


we got up in drips and drabs t discover the downstairs  WC light fuse
had blown[4]  we waited till Gid surfaced so the trip switch could be

Megs percents turned up and hung round for a while, various people
drifted off to parts of the UK sadly the meet drew to a close.

x-disclaimer  this is not definitive  its just a taster...  if  you
want to know what its really like go to the next one

x raffle  we raised over 50 UKP for the orang-utan foundation.  ( my
pet charity btw)

dp   missing out a hell ova lot but wtf

[1]  one of the nicest persons I've met.
[2] its a meet there has to be chocolate.....  that and Uzi loves
white chocolate helps to keep your lift sweet)
[3]  don't ask  ....  I may post it with Megs permission
[4]  brains being a Cardiff   brewery...

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