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Summer BarryMeet 1: Announce

Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 23:22:53 +0100
From: "Barry R" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Summer BarryMeet 1 - London - 16/06/2001
Message-ID: <>


Well now,

It has been too long since I arranged a London Meet, and as I have
a small amount of lonely^wfree time this weekend, what better
opportunity to call forth and gather those of a cheery disposition
(oh, and Thomas too ;) )

The Meet:   Summer BarryMeet 1
The Date:   16th June 2001
The Times:  18:00 Hours.     / 19:30 Hours
The Venues: Wetherspoons Pub / The Mansion House Pub.

The Plan:
This evening's entertainment is a two-parter.
OK, for those who'd like to make the most of the meet, and would
also like to eat, the first 90 minutes or so will be at the
Wetherspoons pub at the Elephant & Castle.

I will be at the Wetherspoons Pub from about 17:55.
Here I (and any early arrivers) will make our way to the bar, for
food and drink.

At approximately 19:20 the Wetherspooners will migrate to the
Mansion house, where the atmosphere will be quieter (briefly), and
the beer a little better. We hope you will join us there if you
didn't feel like the early start.

The Meet should finish at closing time, or whenever we get chucked
out, whichever comes first.

There has been mention of a Seasons 1 or 2 BuffyFest for the
Sunday, but this depends on a few things... (Like my Video Card
deciding to play nice).

The Directions:

Now, those coming by vehicle other than of the public transport
kind, I can't really give more advice that "Aim for the Elephant
and Castle, and plan to leave the nightmare traffic layout of the
double roundabouts heading south along Kennington Road." Kennington
station is about quarter of a mile down the road.

There is a map at
marked with the best road in the area that can be used for parking.

Public Transport (with Trains to any London Terminus if necessary)
Wetherspoons: Nortern, or bakerloo lines to the Elephant and
Castle. Exit via the Bakerloo Line exit, and turn left. Just around
the corner you will be able to see the pub.

The mansion House: The Northern Line has a lovely Station called
Kennington. Just across from the station is the required pub.

The 133 Bus runs right past Kennington Tube Station, and has the
following route...
Liverpool St 
London Bridge,
Elephant and Castle
Camberwell Road
(and Vice Versa)

Other buses may be caught to any of these places, where the 133 is
a surefire bet for you to be able to find the pub.

The Maps:

The Wetherspoons Pub:

The Mansion House Pub

The best road for Parking.

For those of you who would like a view of each pub as seen from
various places: has a few pictures of
the sights you should see when exiting the Underground stations.
(well, will have by Wednesday Evening. <g>)

Any Questions? will get a quick
Any more info needed? see above.
Flames/Rants/Spam? >/dev/null

Barry R. B.F.
- -- 
The Official Sad Bastard
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This announce is way too long

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