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Summer BarryMeet 1: Quote File

From: Jennifer Herbert <Jen@afp.irc>
Subject: [F] Quote file for 'Summer BarryMeet 1'
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 15:57:21 +0100
Message-ID: <3B2CC551.5AB7E2C1@afp.irc>

Quote File for :
	The Meet:   Summer BarryMeet 1
	The Date:   16th June 2001
	The Times:  18:00 Hours.     / 19:30 Hours
	The Venues: Wetherspoons Pub / The Mansion House Pub.

Attendees: BarryR, Tamara, Mole, Jen(from #afp), Ali(from #afp) PThomas,


Mole: "there's nothing like waving your rump in front of the oven"

Barry: "You try turning them on when you want to go out for a walk"

Mole: "Welcome to Planet Double-Entrendre, and your host tonight is..."  
Barry: "...everybody!"

Jen: "Its the wrong shape... it won't fit"

Mole: "ooh, I think I need to speak to you in a professional capacity
about that.."

Ali: "Where would like me to start..." 
Barry: "...anywhere"

Barry: "It's like eating salt that tastes like, erm, *not* salt" (after
his tenth pork scratching)

Mole: "we're trying to decide how to do a brainsuck"

Jen:"but he's kinky in a wet way - he couldn't even get the kinky bit

Jen (to Mole)"But at least we couldn't see your hairy buttocks." 
Naomi: "Thomas! They're talking about hairy buttocks!"
Ali: "We're talking about Mole wearing nothing but a pair of swimming
trunks and covered in green paint"

Barry: "Tyger, Tyger - Tennyson, innit?" 
All: No,.that's Blake!" 
Thomas: "Ah, feckit - someone well old, anyway."

Pthomas:"oooh! Pink and furry!"

Barry: "OK, just undo my zip and stick your hand in..."

Ali: "It's no fun if he stops halfway through"

Tamara: "It vibrates when you get it. I'm sure it's supposed to beep"

Barry: "We're now entering the realm of the disgusting"

Tamara:"Oh am I supposed to be decent"

Jen: "I'm too drunk to even use my own phone"

Jen: "Someone played with my..." (drowned out by sniggering)

Barry: "Time to pull my trousers back..."

Barry: "Will you two please stop feeling up my leg. Or if you continue,
go higher" 
Jen:"but where is it" 
Barry"It's good being supple" 
Jen"I'll let you have it" 
Barry"I'm sure you can get three or four drips out of it"

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