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From: (C. Cooke)
Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Cambs meet, 21st July
Date: 19 Jul 2001 21:39:45 GMT
Message-ID: <>



The plan is:

I'll be in and around the Alma on Saturday until 18:00 or so.

By 19:00, I'll move anyone there to the Castle on Castle Hill 

The hour difference gives us time to find food, for those who wish it.

Email me if you want to come but haven't said yet.


(sorry about the broken URL's, it's late and I don't have the time to find
out how to turn off the long-line warning on this newsreader)

	The Alma

Panton Street, Cambridge.

How to find it: (From the station) Walk up station road until it meets Hills
road. There's a statue in the middle of the road, you can't miss it. Carry on 
to your right along Hills Road towards the city centre. Walk along until you 
pass a co-op, dominoes pizza etc.
Turn left (West) onto Coronation Street a short way after the co-op (if you
miss it, there's Union Street, just after it, which also goes to where you
At the bottom of (Union|Coronation) Street, you'll find Panton street. The pub
is visible from panton street - IIRC it's either on it or not very far down a
side street.

	The Castle

Castle Street, Cambridge

How to find it: (From Hills road - see the alma). Carry on walking along until
Hills road becomes Regents Street (going on in the same direction). Carry on
until that becomes St Andrew's Street, still in the same direction. That gets
into the town centre, from which you want Sidney Street, which is found by...
not taking the right turn onto Hobson's Street, and not veering to the left to
see the town centre, but walking on in much the same direction as before past
the Woolworth's and Blackwells. Eventually, that becomes Magdalene Street.
You'll never believe it, but that's pretty much in the same direction, too.
Caste Street is found by not changing direction at the end of Magdelene Street,
and the Castle is a pub on the right hand side of the street, near the top of
the hill.

There are plenty of buses at the station, and if you ask for the right names 
the drivers are often quite helpful. I'm not sure what all the right names
*are*, but I can suggest the following:

Coronation Street or the Co-op for the Alma, Castle Hill for the castle.

If you feel like getting a taxi, be aware that there are *two* pubs called
the Castle in Cambridge. You need to ask for the one on Castle Hill.

Hope to see some of you there...
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