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From: (Mary Perkins)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [ANNOUNCE] [F] Mancmeet this Saturday, 28th July
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 19:20:45 GMT
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For posting to and

There will be a Manchester AFPmeet this Saturday the 28th July.

Do come and join us  - ANYONE welcome who wants to meet up, drink,
laugh, make new friends, gossip, eat and talk.


Saturday 28th July 2001


6pm onwards,
 with eating planned about 9.30ish, followed by clubbing around
11.30ish for the more energetic/alcoholic amongst us :-)


The Hogshead Pub on Oxford Road in Manchester, just near the main
university area.


Please visit the website
and enter the postcode M13 9WG and hit 'find'.
This will display a map showing exactly where it is.

The Hogshead pub is on the same side of Oxford Road as Grafton Street
(shown on map) is, and it is just beyond Grafton Street and next to a
small turning off into the MRI hospital.

There are details of directions, local info etc on the website above,
but please email me for more info. including disabled access etc if
you need it...

A taxi from Manchester Piccadilly or Manchester Victoria will cost you
about 3-4... ask for the Hogshead on Oxford Road.  
A bus from said stations will cost about a pound.  Just ask for
Whitworth Park or Manchester University.

On arrival at the pub, you will recognise us by any of the following:
- - sweeties and chocolate-covered stuff lying around. 
 - Fluffy toys are also welcome. The sillier the better. 
- -  Pterry books, Con T-shirts and the like. 

Crashspace information:

I can provide floor-space at my house, which is a short ride from
town.  A fiver in a taxi shared between us means it'll probably cost
you about a pound to reach my place.  Then it'll be about a quid on
the bus to get back to the town centre the next day.
I would like to know numbers in advance however, so please email me if
you intend to sleepover.

Here I'll quote from megamole's afpmeet guide about crashing:
If crashing, remember that in general all that is offered is a roof,
the space (often shared with other afpers) and perhaps tea and toast
in the morning. So bring your own sleeping bag/bedding, toothbrush,
and be nice to the room. It's also considered polite to thank your
hosts, treat them to things, and reciprocate if they're coming to a
meet in your area.

Eating: As I said, we'll aim to eat about 9.30ish, probably curry in
Rusholme at the Shere Khan, but if you lose us, call me on my mobile
to find out where we are.  Email me to find out my mobile number in

Clubbing:  The plan is to go to Jilly's Rockworld around 11.30ish when
the pubs close.
The first ten people to email me and say that they are coming will get
entry to the club for free due to an arrangement I have made.
Mail me!

I think that covers everything!

Look forward to seeing you all there, and hopefully meeting some new


- -- 
AFPfiancee to Stuart Quinn-Harvie
Now officially his girlfriend in real life - aren't I lucky?

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