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Ipswich Pre-CCDE Meet: Announce

From: (Nanny Ogg)
Date: 09 Jul 2001 12:35:19 GMT
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Pre-CCDE meet, Ipswich
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(Posted separately to afp and afpa - no cross-posting)

For anyone with an evening free the day before CCDE, Barry V. and I are hosting
a pre-CCDE meet in Ipswich, which will incidentally also count as a nice
celebration of our first anniversary of cohabiting.

*Times and places*

We're going to get together at 6.00 p.m. on Thursday 2nd August, at the
Shepherd and Dog on the A1156 to the south-east of Ipswich (Felixstowe Rd). 
This is about a 15 - 20 minute walk from our house for anyone who wants to get
sozzled without mowing down pedestrians on the way home.  Pratchett
items/fluffy animals will be on display as per tradition for anyone wishing to
recognise us.  

I will be at home during the day if anyone wants to turn up early and park at
our place/dump stuff.  Directions to our house are available via e-mail from
either myself or Barry (  Lifts can be provided to
anyone who'll be coming in by train, but please let us know what time in
advance so that we can arrange this.  

Directions to the Shepherd and Dog, for anyone who wants to meet us there, are

*Eating arrangements*

Three possible categories of food available at the Shepherd and Dog, thusly:

1. The cheap option - a few plates of sandwiches all round.
2. The medium-range option - pub-type food (fish & chips, etc.) can be provided
IF the barman knows in advance that people will want meals.  Therefore, please
let us know if this is what you want.
3. The slightly more classy option for those with a bit of spare cash - Eat at
the pub restaurant.

*Sleeping arrangements* 

Our spare bedrooms have been provisionally booked by Arwen/Barry R. and by
Aquarion.  This leaves crashspace on the sofa (which is a much bigger and
softer model than the one we had last year, and might cause back problems for
anyone actually spending the night on it) recliner armchairs, and floor, on a
squeeze-in-as-you-can basis.  We can probably manage about 6 or more, depending
on how horribly cramped people are prepared to get.  We also have garden space
for a few tents, if people would prefer just to start the camping early.

*Directions to Shepherd and Dog*

>From the west, take the A14 heading eastwards past Ipswich.  Take the A1189,
which is the first turn-off after the Orwell Bridge/left turn at the roundabout
on coming off the A14.

Follow the road straight on across two roundabouts (look out for signs to the
hospital and follow those).  The third roundabout has a Sainsbury's on the
opposite side of the roundabout as you approach.  Turn *right* at this
roundabout - this is the A1156.

Go straight on at the next roundabout and then look out for the Shepherd and
Dog about a 1/2 mile or a bit less on your left hand side.

If you're coming up the A12 from London or thereabouts: Get onto the A14
heading east, and the directions are then as above.

If you're coming down the A12 from north-eastern parts, or up the A14 westwards
from Felixstowe, just get directly onto the A1156 at the roundabout with the
A12/A14, and head towards town from there.  Look out for the pub on your right.
 If you go past Sainsbury's, you've overshot, so backtrack.  If anyone actually
is coming from this general direction and wants slightly more detailed info as
to landmarks, let us know and we'll provide them - I don't know the road from
that direction.

Please will anyone interested e-mail either Barry or myself:

We need to know
a) numbers for food and which food options everyone wants from the above list,
so the barman can have some numbers for sandwiches/bar food
b) numbers for crashspace
c) who needs lifts from ours to CCDE on the Friday, and who has spare car space
to provide lifts.

See y'all there!

All the best,


- -- 
`If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, you'll be
taller than everyone else.'  Kipling and _I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue_

`Unfortunately Real Life lacks a decent tourist information service'   Adrian

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