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Clarecraft Discworld Event 2001: Announce

Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 17:43:40 +0100
From: =?us-ascii?B?IkFyd2VuIEx1buki?= <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] *3* CCDE-related announcements
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Announce Meet-Onna-Train, Bubble&Juggle meet

New! It's really an AMAZING DISCOVERY! Three announcements for the
price of one!

1) Meet-onna-train

Just as last year, there will be a small gathering for people
taking the train from London to the premeet in Ipswich. This
gathering will consist of Barry R, me and anyone else turning up.
Meet us at Liverpool Street Station, half past 1 (1:30 PM) On
Thursday August 2. 
I aimed to take the train departing at 2 PM (giving us enough time
to bring our things to Barry V&Sarah's house before the meet-up)
Please let me know <> if you're going to be
there so we can look out for you at the station. 

2) Bubblemeet

I figured it would be nice to have a soapbubble contest at CCDE.
Please bring your bubblegear, secret recipes, washing-up liquid and
anything else you may need to produce the biggest, strongest and
funkiest soap bubble.
Place: The large camping field, CCDE
Time: CCDE,we'll decide on a time that doesn't interfere with any
major happenings later on.

3) Jugglemeet

As I know of quite a few juggling AFPeople, I figured it would be
nice if we all got together at one point to play and learn from
Please bring juggleballs, -rings, -clubs and whatevers. Diablo's
and devilsticks are of course also welcome.
Place:  CCDE. Place to be determined later.
Time: CCDE, we'll decide on a time that doesn't interfere with any
major happenings later on.

For both the Bubble and the Juggle gatherings goes: keep an eye on
the noticeboard for times and places.

Thank you, and see you at CCDE

Arwen Lune
- -- 
I did NOT escape... They gave me a day pass

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