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Bath Post-CCDE Meet: Announce

From: (John Barberio)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Alteration for Post-CCDE Bath Meet, Now 11 August
Date: 1 Aug 2001 05:11:18 -0700
Message-ID: <>


Ahem. Due to someone who I wont name telling me that Friday was 
the day they wanted the meet on when they meant to say Saturday, 
we will be changing the day of the meet. Again. Yes. I know. I 
should stop doing these meet announces. They always go wrong.

Here are the *Final* non changing set in stone wont alter at 
all I *Swear* Details for the Meet. (If people could also
pass this around at CCDE, so those who got the original
but not this one can know, that would help)

Post-CCDE Bath Meet
August 11 2001
(Ignore Previous Two Dates
and I'm real sorry about this folks)
Hobgoblin, Bath

Having a Ruthi, and various other people in the area at the same
time warents a meet. (You should know by now that is all the 
excuse we need)

Meeting up around 4pm outside the Bath Spa Rail Station
initialy for a walk around Bath looking at intresting 
stuff. Then onto food, and then to the Hobgoblin at 7pm.

Map at

The Train Station and Bus Station are close together.
(Almost just across the road from each other) And there is parking 
available near the train station. Be advised its dificult to drive 
in Bath.

Suzi writes -
> You could advise drivers to park in the first carpark they come to (if you
> approach Bath from the North)... beside the Lazer Zone place. The pub isn't
> that far away on foot from there (about 10 minutes).

To get to the Hobgoblin from the Train Station, follow the direction
of trafic on the one way road outside the train station. You should
eventualy see a branch of the 'Halifax' bank which is on the corner 
between a pedstrian area and a road. (Past the Boots) Following the 
road leads to the Hobgoblin.

  - J

Piss up. Brewery.

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