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Bath Post-CCDE Meet: Report

From: Supermouse <>
Subject: [F] Bath Meet report
References: <9l6pmd$fav$>
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Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 07:39:28 +0100

In article <9l6pmd$fav$>, hippo
<> writes
>Thanks to J for orgainising the post CCDE meet
>and giving me an excuse to have the first holiday I
>have taken in ages.

Thanks from me also to J for organising, and to Miq for arranging crash
space and Ken for having the crash space I crashed in, and to Ruthi for

I would also like to thank the directors, the producers and _not_ thank
my hairdresser especially.

Oh, and Ethelbert.
>I hadn't been to Bath for many many years and it
>was great fun (despite the variable weather) to explore
>the place again. The new displays (particularly the
>clever cgi stuff) in the Roman Baths were very

I didn't see the baths, but Bath is beautiful, even coming up on the

Oh yes, the train. I wish I could show you my itinerary sheet, it says
more about the journey than I can - a list of changes, all crossed out
and recrossed out and times written in and changed and changed. That was

Bath also has the strangest infestation I've ever seen - one cubicle at
the station loo had forty-six spiders in it, of which sixteen were an
inch (~3cm) across or wider.

I got into Bath and met Miq and Ruthi and Hippo all at once, and we Did
Bath. Bath is beautiful. It has its own cheese too, Bath Blue, which is
very salty with a creamy aftertaste.

There's a cheese shop at which I was shown the aforementioned Bath Blue.
It sells cheese and what I can only describe as comestibles. In a lot of
ways it's like The Cheese Shop in Nottingham, only prettier.

Miq completely failed to get a cup of tea, and spent a while doing it.
So long, in fact, that we had to head back to the station for the rest
of the meet. There was J, and lonecat. Later on there was Alistair and
Aquarion, Gid and Suzi, Jim and ? and ?, ? and ? being friends of Jim,
Ken (my provider of rash space and an all-round Good Bloke), a Barbarian
Houri and accompanying Houriling and... um... probably someone I've just
offended deeply who was in fact the life and soul of the meet but whom
my lentil-sized Rodent brain cannot recall.

Oh, and of course Ethelbert.

Ethelbert is a very touchy-feely type and was met all evening by turned
backs. This didn't dampen his cheery smile one whit and he has no doubt
he'd be welcome again anywhere.

Food happened at a burger place that does normal burgers, blue cheese
burgers and Thai burgers, amongst others. Of course, I had the Thai.
Sometimes one just has to break stereotype.

Back to the pub and more drinks and more talk, of geek toys and
violence, and afp and afpers past and present and so on and so forth.
Anything that happened after 10pm I missed as I was dragged away with
siren songs of cheese and crash space.

After a woderfully cheesy breakfast and two portions of fruit or
vegetables, I was taken to see Shrek. I enjoyed Shrek. Then I was taken
to see Coventry. I didn't enjoy Coventry nearly as much as I enjoyed

And so to bed.

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