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From: "hippo" <>
Subject: [F] Coventry meet filk
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 12:34:26 +0100
Message-ID: <9lo890$3qc$>

Thankyou MP for organising the
Coventry meet. What a contrast to

(hippo now wants to go to
the Green man, but fears he must
break this addiction sometime :-| )

TTTO The Battle Hymm of the Republic
(original words Julia Ward Howe
original tune William Steffe bicbw)

My newsreader did come upon
The post of our MP
Who suggested yet another meet
This time in Coventry
He hath loosed the faithful craving
Of the folks from afp
The meets go on and on

Cuddly toys and liquorice salty
Pizza toppings not a Balti
Cuddly toys and liquorice salty
The meets go on and on

The city caught the bomb fires
Of five hundred circling planes
Thus ruining the altar
And older, nobler panes
And now we wish to reconcile
But still respect the slain
The meets go on and on


We viewed museum artefacts
In  wool and cloth and steel
And pondered of the elephants
Which graced the city seal
But the hero was a woman
Who once her clothes did peel
The meets go on and on


They sounded forth the trumpet
There's a carnival in town
With drummers and bright costumes
But I didn't see a clown
Instead some stranger arachnids
And Riding Hood's wolfhound
The meets go on and on


We geeked in pubs, we geeked with food
Of bikes, and sweets and things
Next time, no doubt, we'll geek about
That movie with the Rings
We ate assorted toppings
And some of us had wings
The meets go on and on

"By the ircing of my chums,
something happy this way comes"

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