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Green Man IV: Announce

Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 12:55:33 +0100
From: Karen <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] MSN European Tour - Only UK date, Green Man IV Sun, 26th August
Message-ID: <>


The weather is hot and sizzling, the forecast is great by now lots of
you are anticipating another sunny Clarecraft, or looking forward to
your first.  And to add to that we now have the perfect excuse for
another Green Man, this time as a post CCDE meet.

Every year in August, the  Benelux crew have a post CCDE meet often
featuring furrin guests.

Well anything Delft can do...

Mary Sophia Novak, she of the fearsome initials,  is abandoning her home
of New York and visiting the UK at the end of August. As many of you
will know already, Mary is a long time poster but as yet hasn't actually
met any  afpers in real life. Well a trip to Europe is the obvious
opportunity to rectify this isn't it?

Sadly she can't make CCDE but she will be dropping in on a couple of
post CCDE meets to meet you all, and hopefully getting sufficiently
hooked to make a return visit next year. At the very least its an
excellent excuse for having another Green Man...

First stop on her European Tour is the Benelux post CCDE meet, where she
will meet her first bunch of real life afpers. I'd call it a warm up Gig
but I want to live to see another year, without having to run every time
I hear the clip clop of clogs...

Then she hot foots it over to the UK, to the headline event at Green Man
IV.  This is your one and only chance to see her this year in London -
do come along. She ain't in a bun but get her whilst she is hot!

Its also a bonus opportunity to catch up with  CCDE pictures and stories
or any others of the summer I guess, I suppose bringing the odd picture
might happen...ahem. Or taking the odd picture even.


August, Sunday  the 26th 6:00pm onward, in the basement of the green Man
pub.  The Green Man is bang opposite Great  Portland Street tube
station, which itself is well connected with Paddington, Kings Cross,
Euston and others.

Yes I know its a Sunday but its what circumstances have dictated this
time, and its a Bank Holiday the next day so most of you  have a full
day to find your way home. And perhaps an early start before the meet,
somewhere else if its nice? If its remotely like the weather outside my
window today -(Scorchio!) and end of hols gathering might be nice. Its
the end part of Mary's trip too so it seems doubly appropriate.

Please do come in your usual numbers, surprise guests, bonus furrin
guests, and especially meet newbies, everyone is welcome. The basement
of the Green Man will be waiting to welcome you in the usual way,  usual
paraphernalia anticipated.

  If you can come please drop me a line so that I can give the landlady
an idea of numbers for staffing/food and the likes. There will be a
Genuine Microwave Operative present and not just CMOT.

Don't miss the party - be there or be talked about   :}}

pip pip,

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