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From: "hippo" <>
Subject: [F] Meet report for York Sept 15 (LONG)
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 16:10:54 +0100
Message-ID: <9oku2n$l43$>

A bustling English city in cool but pleasant autumn
sunshine made a welcome contrast to the horrors of
the previous week's world news.

Thanks to cancelled and delayed trains (the wonders
of uk public transport) I reached York considerably
earlier than expected.

I firstly encountered Davon, then my powers of
recognising apfers who I hadn't met before came
into play, as Rachel Cavill and Stevie D appeared
exactly on time.

We waited for five to ten minutes, and then keeping
an ear on my mobile 'phone, Steve, being a local resident
and supposedly knowing the way <g>, lead the meet through
the gates of York [1] across the river to the venue.

The Barbican centre housed the National Book fair and
we all browsed round and stared wide eyed at some of
the prices for the collector's items.

Just a few examples (all first editions in good
condition if you start to look at your own bookcases)

Pyramids for 90 ukp

The Light Fantastic for 1650 ukp

Farmer Giles of Ham by JRR Tolkien (signed) 7500 ukp

The House at Pooh Corner by AA Milne foe 450 ukp

Unfortunately on checking my pockets I didn't quite
have enough change for all these items ;-)

After about an hour or so, we departed for a local
hostelry of Steve's acquaintance [2] where drink, food
and much geeking of familiar afp subjects took place
as well as a minor difficulty of a step somewhat
reminiscent of the Masquerade tradition at ccde and
the conventions <g>

Subjects included afp RL activity (Rachel and Steve
being meet newbies), games (of the conventional
RL type rather than RP or computer), summer jobs
in Bavaria, musical instruments (I really do think
we should try for a afporchestra at some point ;-) )
and no doubt other subjects which I now forget.

Intelligent and interesting conversation without
once touching on current affairs. The ng might like
to take note.

After lunch we went on an expedition to find good
chocolate and ice cream and again the local residents
lead the way to the Monks Bar emporium.

This hippo bought some of the home made chocolates
whilst the others indulged in the ice creams.

We finished eating ice creams, sampling chocolates
and geeking foodstuffs in Minster gardens.

Eventually, the autumnal breeze stirred into a
chilling wind and we departed the gardens, finally
settling on a visit to Borders and the cafe, where
we manage to choose the same table as the previous
Yorkmeet. Yes folks afp continues to establish
a presence in uk bookshop cafes ;-)

After browsing and buying in the bookshop
we went our separate ways. though Davon and I
managed to find the other chocolate and sweet outlet
with the choccie hedgehogs [3]

Hopefully, we haven't put off Rachel and Steve
off future meets, and I hope that some of the
other Yorkshire afpers will join future afp events [4]

(where are you all hiding : can't let the Durham, Manchester
and London crowds rule the roost now can we ;-) )


[1] Gate is the Norse for street : hence the various
street names in northern uk
[2] The Victoria Hotel : future Yorkmeet organisers take note
[3] Hamiltons, ok, any *other* choccie shops to discover in York
[4] Later learned we 'lost' two : apologies, but I thought
I'd e-mailed my mobile phone to all those who responded

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