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From: "Jenny Radcliffe" <>
Subject: [F] Meeting Mary Meet, Durham, October 13th
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 20:06:23 +0100
Message-ID: <9q26sp$ljfff$>

Hi there,

Firstly, I'd like to make a big, huge apology for leaving this
notice so thoroughly late. As some of you may know, I've suffered
from depression for a few years now, and it's just done a
spectacular coming-back job. To the extent that the Doctor is now
saying she thinks I might spend the rest of my life on
anti-depressants. That in itself I can cope with - no side effects
or tolerance problems, and infinitely better after all than living
with the depression! - but I'm struggling a bit with the concept
that I'm stuck forever with the stigma of mental health problems. So
I've been a bit absorbed, and totally forgot about Meet Details.

So. I have had to take into consideration a few things when thinking
through this meet. One is that I've been singularly unsuccessful in
finding crash-space [1], another that the Ingenious Paradox has a
small sprog to add to the equation[2]. So what I've got planned is
fairly fluid and largely day-time, with the potential to extend.

I propose that we meet in a cafe for lunch. Say about 12:30 or 1.
For preference, I suggest the Students' Union cafe, because it's big
enough for as many people as turn up, it's reasonably priced, and
they won't bat an eyelid if people walk in with soft toys[3]. Only
I've forgotten to check whether it's open on a Saturday at the
moment ... I shall do that tomorrow. For now, though, let's assume
it is. (recombine
if necessary) shows the location of the concrete monstrosity that is
the Students' Union building, and in the top left corner of this map
you will observe Station Approach, where the, er, railway station
is. I shall confirm this bit ASAP!

Following lunch, our choices depend on the weather, inclination,
volume of people, screamingness of sprog, what colour socks the
person at the next table is wearing, anything. We could:
1. Take out wee boats on the Wear
2. Take a cruise on the Prince Bishop, the big boat on the Wear.
3. Toddle around some touristy bits of Durham going "ooh" and
telling Urban Legends of Durham life.
4. Migrate to a drinking establishment to gossip, chat, partake of
chocolate and ale, whatever
5. Any or all of the above or anything else we feel like.

When we get hungry again, there are a few nice and reasonable
establishments - perhaps a pub-with-food (show Mary Pub Grub?) or
one of the Chinese All You Can Eat Buffets ... I suggest we decide
at the time.

And then any of us who are still alive and bouncy can re-migrate to
a further drinking establishment ...

I know of several people who are intending to be present ... I know
of a few people who regrettably can't be ... but this is My Plan.

I will be confirmatory at you tomorrow about the Lunch Location.

Scream suggestions at me if you like ...

falling asleep as she types.

[1] We can probably arrange college rooms at not much charge, but I
have a housemate just out of hospital and another who hates there
being guests in the house, and the Uni are being most unreasonable
about guests atm.
[2] I am *insistent* that she should join us none-the-less, and for
my taste, I'll be delighted if she brings said infant.
[3] They're quite used to people wandering in in leather corsets and
swords, owing to Durham's active Live Role Play society. My killer
bunny of death and Edwin's Tux are *nothing*.

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