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Cambridge: Report

From: (Rosemary Warner)
Subject: [F] Cambridge Meet Report
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 00:24:16 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Last Saturday some afpers came to Cambridge. Some were already in
Cambridge, in ever increasing numbers :-) They were these afpers, in
no particular order.

Barry R
Adrian Ogden
Carol de Burca
Mike Gavin
Topi Saavalainen
Gideon Hallett
Peter Ellis
Julie Lund
Rosemary Warner
Mark Datko
Steve Megson

Attendees by telephone: ruthi, who smsed ccooke, and Carrie Cota who
phoned in all the way from Merkia.

The meet convened at around 5pm in the Alma. There were many hugs, and
much chocolate, and more hugs and chocolate, including some sent over
from Israel by the lovely Ruthi (thank you *hugs*)...
My rubber band gun was shown off ( and
there was geeking, hugs and chocolate.

Recurring themes were already being set up......

After stopping for food at Gardies kebab shop, which really isn't as
bad as its reputation, we moved to the Castle where we took over the
portion of the upstairs with a big pillar in the middle. Several
rearrangements of tables later, normal meet proceedings recommenced.
Glasses were raised in tribute to Josh Kirby, who died last week. RIP.
Half the meet ended up outside at one point, as people who were
sitting outide to get away from the hubbub were joined by other people
who wanted to sit outside to get away from the hubbub, etc. Then it
got a bit cold.

After being chucked out of the castle, the crashers returned briefly
to Peter and Julie's before those sleeping at my place wandered down
here, I suspect not by the most direct route.

In the morning fried breakfasts were eaten at both crashhouses.....
It was then discovered that Amazing Maurice was available early in
Borders. This was a Good Thing.

The meet re-met in the Alma on Sunday afternoon, where there was
Amazing Mauricing, geeking, hugs, and chocolate. And lots of games of
People left at intervals throughout theafternoon and evening until
there was me, Barry, ccooke, Carol, Aq, Ali and Adrian left. At about
9pm we called it a day and the London-type people went to catch a

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Peter and Julie for
providing crashspace, and all the lovely people who made this meet Fun
:). Thank you.

The Quotefile
Half of it was written on the back of a chocolate wrapper and got
lost... but the rest didn't:

Rosemary- "have you seen my didgeridoo?" Kincaid- "wave at me and I'll
definitely have one" 
Rosemary- "Mike, come back to my room....."
Peter- "I have shared bodily fluids with a relative of the man
Mike- "I turned round and all I could hear was Cookie going "harder,
harder ""
Mike- "Marmite looks like evil vaseline"
Rosemary (just after phonecall)- "That was Mike saying he's left his
clothes in my room....."
Aquarion <squealing breathlessly> "No! Not three at once!"
Carol: (to Aquarion) "Are you a bit of an actor then?" ccooke: "no,
he's a pantomime dame"
Aquarion- "You could call Sunderland the arse of the world if someone
hadn't already shat it out"
Rosemary- "Get it out............ oh God..."
Barry- "Ali, behave yourself. Like I would." cc- "that badly?"
Carol- "I seem to have reached the level of normality of AFP" Ali-
"Was that working your way up or down?"
Rosemary- I don't care, I like being corrupted"
"Diet Coke, Baileys x2, Kronenberg, Lemonade, 1/2 cider" Oh hang on,
that was the drinks order. Oops. Never mind...

That's about it-  comments, flames, suggestions to the address(es)

(hugslut no longer in training ;-))

Rosemary, who is definitely not called Posie. 
*glink* *viola*

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