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From: "Andrea Rason" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] IMT signing meet Lancaster 9th November
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:12:14 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Being as pterry is signing at IMT, Lancaster, on Friday 9th November
from 12:30pm, I am proposing a get-together afterwards involving some
sort of food type thingie with drinks attached. (Maps and directions
will be provided on request.)

Ppint has suggested eating at Sultan's, as probably the best Indian
restaurant in Lancaster, with "the fascist dictator" (Rachel) doing
the organising of both them and us, to cover everyone's religious,
personal conviction, and practical dietary needs and requirements, as
well as preferences (I know at least 2 people going who will be unable
to eat the Indian food, we hope to be able to arrange something else
in its place).

There will prolly also be time spent in one of the local hostelries,
Ppint has a number in mind who will not balk at the sight a group of
afpers walking in clutching cuddlies, chocolate and other typical
goodies. I gather there is a bore that is not a bore that might be
worth a visit if it's fine, especially as it's beside another
establishment that's been recommended.

Some of us are planning to stay over at a B&B and spend some time
together on the Saturday, plans for this are fluid at the moment but
anyone is welcome to join in and offer suggestions (some people even
plan to go onto the Stockport signing on the Saturday, gluttons for
punishment, eh ;-)).

Contact me, Andrea at for more details.

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