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Stuart & Mary's Piss-up: Announce

From: (Mary Perkins)
Subject: [I] Great news... & piss-up... all thanks to AFP!!!
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 17:37:52 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hello everyone!

 <quick delurk>

I have good news...  
Stuart has asked me to marry him, and I've said YES!!!!

And it's all thanks to you guys.... 
Some of you may remember that it was by turning up at the same AFPmeet
that Stuart and I first met one another.  
It was a first for both of us, as neither of us had been to a meet
prior to that.  The rest, as they say, is history!
We've been going out well over a year and are madly in love, so we've
decided to make our commitment more official.

To see the official announcement, please just copy and paste the
*entire* link below into your browser...


For those who live locally, a more groovy version with graphics etc
appears in today's Manchester Evening News available to buy at the
bargain price of just 30p!

 -  - What about a PISS-UP?!!!!  - - 

Stuart and I are planning a small (family only) party in January, BUT,
due to popular demand, 
and  in the more immediate future, 
anyone on this list who would like to join us in celebrating this
happy event, would be more than welcome to...

We plan to go out for a few celebratory beers this weekend, at the
Hogshead pub in Manchester, where Stuart and I first met  **at a Terry
Pratchett meet**..

Please do come and join us!

this Saturday, 17th November 
at The Hogshead Pub, 
from 3pm onwards.
A few drinks then pubgrub or something for tea, then, whatever....

Crash space can be arranged for anyone travelling a distance.

For the location of The Hogshead pub please visit the website
and enter the postcode M13 9WG and hit 'find'.  
This will display a map showing exactly where it is.
The Hogshead pub is on the same side of Oxford Road as Grafton Street
(shown on map) is, and it is just beyond Grafton Street and next to a
small turning off into the MRI hospital.  
It is more or less opposite the university residence "Whitworth Park"
near the main university area.


Mary xxx

AFPfiancee to Stuart Quinn-Harvie
Now officially his fiancee in real life - aren't I lucky?

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