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From: (Corinne Pritchard)
Subject: [F] Oxford meet: reminder
Date: 23 Nov 2001 01:22:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

The problems at lspace seem to have expanded to announce posts, so
here it is:

This Saturday (24th November) PTerry will be signing books at the
large, gorgeous, well stocked and cafe-imbued Borders in Oxford.

The signing starts at 3pm, and we will be gathering outside, or
possibly somewhere else around 1-2pm.  email me at for my phone number in case you get
lost.  I can also receive emails through the wonder of WAP (though at
great expense) at, in case you get lost on the
day and are a little shy of phoning people.

Afterwards we will no doubt wander around shops (if they are still
open) and inhabit pubs to the great hilarity of all concerned.  Later
in the evening, everyone is invited back to my house to watch the 100
Greatest Films courtesy of Channel 4, and eat pizza and takeout at
their own expense.

There isn't any crashspace, unfortunately, but the house is right next
to the Youth Hostel and the Backpackers hotel, so if you really want
to stay overnight then you can at a very reasonable price (12+).

Sunday will probably be a general get-together to wibble and geek to
our hearts content some more.

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