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Mort in Sheffield: Report

From: "hippo" <>
Subject: [F] Mort in Sheffield Sat Nov 24 - A brief report
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 08:36:49 -0000
Message-ID: <9tqaj7$1kt$>

So, on a mild autumnal Saturday morning assorted afpers,
#afpers and friends from near and far gathered at the
University Drama Studio to watch the 'Children in Need'
charity matinee of Mort by Sheffield Contemporary Theatre.

Technically the production was competent : with good use of
lighting (especially to avoid lengthy scene changing passages)
and ingenious 'scythe' scenes and the final Mort and Death scene
(the latter no doubt taking some of its inspiration from the Matrix)
though I think some of the very young patrons were not surprisingly
alarmed by the pyrotechnics

Individual performances were for the most part good.
IMO particular mention to go to Albert and Cutwell.

Alas, the young lady playing Ysabel did rather jar with my
own view of the character, not that she wasn't a most able
actress, just that I've always envisaged Ysabel as the cuddly
fluffy slipper type.

All in all, an enjoyable production.

Subsequently, the meet went on to 'take over' a local
Lebanese restaurant and indulge ourselves with some
very nice food. I hope that future meets in the area
might return here.

Following the meal, those remaining visited the nearby
second hand bookshop  "Rare n Racy" (the largest in central
Sheffield) and a few bargains were found.

I'll leave the other participants to post follow up corrections
and comments.

(who now has *definitely* lost count of the number of afpmeets
he's been to this year ... oh dear, how sad, never mind ;-) )
Mark Datko
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