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From: (Huw Davies)
Subject: Green Man meet 15 Dec 2001 - an AFP virgin's view...
Date: 15 Dec 2001 16:33:02 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Well, it was like this...

Kimmi and I met in London in the afternoon, wandered around for 3
hours or so (with Kimmi complaining like hedgehoggery) and got to the
venue for 5.30, hoping that Karen was going to be there to tell us who
everyone was as they arrived.

Unfortunately, Karen wasn't there...

As people arrived, we tried to get to grips with who was who,  but
given that others were dropping hints like they were going out of
fashion, we soon sorted that out.

Total attendance was in the 50's (excluding the rugrats).

There was much chocolate and alcohol, which worked for me (shame Kimmi
doesn't do dark/milk chocolate or alcohol).

Met (in no particular order - and if I forget anyone, I apologise)

Darth Arwen
The esteemed Mr Ogden
Peter Ellis
Quantum Moth
Rachel (sp?)
Rob Collier
Some big bloke called Mr Cooke
Naomi (who is not an afper apparently)
Topi (verging on togepi - pokemon fan there, I think)
Roadrunner (Meep, Meep)

And many others, whose names can't be remembered in this haze...  (but
who were all very nice people)

Looking forward to the next meet now.

This is NOT as scary as some people would have you believe <g>

(Guitar) Huw

afpfiance to Kimmi, who is not sat by the side of me as this is typed
(lies, damned lies and police evidence)

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