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Hogswatch: Report

From: Karen <>
Subject: [F] Arwen visited  for Hogswatch - London meet, Dec 15th
Date: 16 Dec 2001 01:49:08 GMT
Message-ID: <>

So this is Hogswatch,,,
and yes it is not a meet report, just a cast list and some random
 thoughts and a  cast list up for contributions and since this time
I foolishly neglected to twist any arms at the meet itself, I am
mostly relying on people to throw in coments and quotes and random 
bits of their own. Although if say, Patrick or Arwen or any other
 attendee, be you new or old,  feel the urge to write up details I'd
 be most appreciative... Mostly what I'd like you all to do is add
 your own thoughts and memories and comments - I can't write reports 
either but between us we can dredge our memories for who kidded who
 under the mistletoe, who said what about the mistletoe and who tried 
to eat the mistletoe...

This time our excuse for gathering in the Green Man in numbers was the 
Hogswatch visit of Arwen, floating in from .nl to visit her .uk friends.
 And incidentally bring along some of her .nl friends and others from
 .ie, .il, etc etc

By my reckoning 67  attenders and also apologies from at least five others
detained by winter bugs and the likes. 
People came early and were eventually persuaded that it really was way
past closing time and that they were regrettably obliged to toddle off to
 their trains and buses and beds for the night. Hanging around 
on the pavement until late.  In fact when we got to the platforms at 
Great Portland Street half the meet still seemed to be there and we waved at
each other from opposite sides of the lines.

Assorted Dutch and German  imports were distributed - German biscuits, 
chocolate holly, liquorice, chocolates of varying kinds.
Little nomes indulged in persecuting helpless Gideons..and taking names 
with menaces.

Barry R forgot to bring the labels...but did provide lots of crashspace.

Jenny demonstrated the art of 'speech making from a chair'
New people turned up with blue lilies in their hair, old people turned up
with children in tow. People made long journeys to be there, others provided
 crash space for all who needed it.

Reinier made his usual balloon animals and dueling swords, the usual 
children dueled like mad with them.

Festive attire ranged from flashing t-shirts (where did it come from?) to 
velvet gowns and reindeer horns and top hats.

Oh and there was a special signing event, but details of that to come

Mostly people seemed to have quite a good time.So thankyou to everyone
 who came and made it a success!And 'get well soons' to KatH and Paul. 
And better trains next time to mpk. And sorry we missed you this time.

OK on to the cast and apologies for mispellings and if I have missed you
please shout!

And if you were not here but would like to come along next time - well 
look out for the 10th anniversary meet at the Green Man, early next year!


Starring The Visiting Furriners:

Arwen Lune from the Netherlands
Patrick Dersjant from the Netherlands
Topi from Finland (albeit currently in Wood Green)
Reinier Sjouw from .nl
Aoife Redmond from .ie

Furriners who are now resident in the UK for so long that
 probably they should be in the main section now...:

Orjan Westin and Carmilla [sadly without Ann-Cathrin and Ulfie:{]
Ingvar Mattson
Rand Knight

Locals [aka UK'ers]

Gideon Hallet
Mchl Grnt, the disemvowelled  man
Mac and Biff
Barry R
Jonathan and Elaine Simons
Susan McIver
Hamster and Lady Kayla
Katrina and David
Rob Collier and Ailbhe Leamy
Tony Finch
Marina and Dog
Charlotte Hammond
Oliver Newman
John H Davies
Kat Knight
Adrian Ogden
Mark Datko
The Bellinghpersons, Alan and Collette
Simon Callan
Sarah Whipmann (Nanny Ogg)
Barry Vaughan
Thomas Pratchett
Peter Ellis and Julie Lund
Paul Brown
Naomi (Ladylark)
Rosemary Warner
Thom (Moth)
Rachel Walmsley
(Guitar) Huw Davis
Jennifer Herbert (Jen)
Christine Moon
Ali Willis  
Chris Naden
Pete (? - not sure of this name couldn't read it clearly)
Janice Wright


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