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From: (Sandriana)
Subject: [F] Ruthicloggiefestivedrinkiesmeet 28th December
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 15:56:23 GMT
Message-ID: <>

In honour of the delectable, delightful and deranged Ruthi's presence in
the UK, Martin Wisse's arrival on the 28th, and for those of us who
can't make the Green Man this weekend, we shall be meeting up on that
day for festive jollity, Mornington Crescent geeking and general
all-round seasonal afpness.

Meet 4pm at Kings Cross Station, from thence to Forbidden Planet at
Angel, Islington and then to the Angel pub, which does, I am reliably
assured, very nice food and reasonably priced beer. This will not be a
late evening as people will be travelling on, so if crash space is
needed you'll have to arrange your own.

If you'd like to meet later in the Angel pub, directions follow: from
Forbidden Planet, turn left. Walk to the end of the block. Turn left.
Walk to the end of the block. There's the conservatory on your right:
just to your left and across the street is the pub.

Dress: informal in the extreme. Sparkly deely-boppers, antlers, pixie
hats and decorations may be worn.

Any problems or suggestions, mail me at

God himself has ordained that the young be foolish.
- Lenin

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