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AFP New Year in Wales: Announce

From: "Suzi" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] AFP New Year in Wales meet
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 19:51:14 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>

OK, as it's now getting closer to December it's time for a reminder about
the AFP New Year in Wales meet.

This is traditionally a long weekend house-meet event, and this year will be
from the Saturday (29th December) until the Tuesday (1st January) [note:
regretfully people will not be able to stay longer than the 1st this year as
we both have work on the 2nd <g>].

Those who have been to previous New Year meets know what to expect, and
those that haven't been before can always ask those who have. Previous years
have seen partying and Playstation "micro machines" tournaments, along with
snowball fighting (weather permitting), and board games, and chatting, and
watching of well-loved films (basically it's an adults only (which in this
case means "adults, or tweenagers who behave as adults") meet to give the
adults the freedom to act like the AFPers they truly are... why should kids
have all the fun!).

Anyone wishing to attend should mail me at (details of where
etc. will only be available off-group in private emails as this is a house

Suzi & Gid
(Bringing you the first meet in the UK for the AFParty year)

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