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AFP New Year in Wales: Report

From: "Dragon Prince" <>
Subject: New years meet afparty101
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 20:42:29 -0000
Message-ID: <a1dbbp$pq8ek$>

NB this was originally typed in WORD so there may be a few non-standard

Please feel free to add any extra comments.

I've missed out the various types of cheese on offer  but am sure some one
will fill in at some point

In the year 2001 Suzi issued a decree.  That there would be a party to start
all parties in a village known as Brynamman.  Moreover, low it came to pass
that on the 29th day of the two thousand and first year of the Common Era
that there was a gathering of friends in a little town called Brynamman

They can from far and wide, and the roll call was thus

1. Brett
2. Pthomas
3. Aquarion
4. Supermouse
5. Kincaid
6. Cat
7. Liz Ashton
8. Pol
9. Susan McKever
10. Rand
11. Ingvar
12. Ladylark
13. Ruthi
14. Ccooke
15. Random
16. Treacle
17. Oliver Newman
18. Adrian Ogden (part time)
19. Charlotte
20. Bernd Reh
21. Davon
22. Phydux [234]
23. Bren[235]
24. Tish[236]
25. Tentacle
26. Richard Bolton
27. Gid
28. Suzi
29. Pol

Absent but missed (and also phoned into the meet)
Rachel Walmsley
Mark Datko

Ok so enough of the pseudo biblical style.

I departed the house around mid day Saturday.  Having arranged to pick up
Ingvar, Random and treacle en route from Neath railway station.  We arrived
at chez Hollyoak about an hour later debussing and generally emptying the

Suzi did the honours, making tea and coffee.  Whilst the house cats came and
said hello whilst the leg count was still low.  Phone calls happened asking
directions.  Before Suzi had to nip back to Neath to pick up the first of
two pickups.  Whilst she was gone a second call from Liz to say they were at
the shop in GCG [345] and where now.  Instructions issued and I said I'd nip
out side so you can see where the house is.  Just before they arrived Thomas
and Ladylark pulled up.  Suzi returned more general chat was had and others
arrived.  Suzi then departed to get the second of her collections.  And
whilst away a phone call was had from Ruthi to say we're in Brynamman by the
rugby club and a war memorial.  As I was using the phone less cord rather
than a fixed line phone I chatted as walked towards the car.  Asking can you
see a light go on.  Now can you see someone walking towards you with a phone
in their hand?  Yes!  Well hang up cos. that's me.  eventually everyone bar
Gid had arrived.

As noted elsewhere a small barrel of good ale was on hand.  Which we set
about emptying whilst chatting and watching *galaxy quest* and other DVD's.
Pizza was cooled and eaten, as were other edibles.  Random appeared with a
harry pothead and the sourcerers stoned T-shirt.  Sleep eventually happened.
After Gid had had a few of us committing kareoke.


Early on I woke and had a quick fag [367] whilst saying good morning to
Phydux and Tish.  Then returned to bed to catch a bit more shuteye.  Later
awaking to coffee and soss Ina bun.  The morning again spent chatting and
having a laugh and joke.  Around 2.30 an expedition happened to Ammanford
Etsoc [987].   We shopped communally for food for Monday and Tuesday.
Returning home to warm Swedish yellow pea soup courtesy of Ingvar.  Aqua
bought a cookie kit, from which it was speculated how you get a fully-grown

Around 7 PM the assembled left to go to the local cinema to watch the Harry
Potter film.  Good value at 3UKP for the most expensive seats.  Not a bad
film in YHN's opinion but not the best thing since sliced cooked dough.
Later back at the house.  Shreck on DVD was watched.  And we discovered that
the barrel in the outhouse had run out :(   But still there was more beer.


 The day itself.  Agin the usual morning of get up,  dress,  water and food.
Gid did the honours of phoneing round a few contacts and with the aid of Pol
brought home a new barral of 6X.  the Barrel was set to settle for a few
hours.  Wqhilst people talked more or played with Aquarions ps1
(superbomberman ,the Italian Job and a few other demo's) .  in the study a
game of magic the gathering was ongoing and cards for said game were geeked.
  Gid and YHN nipped up the crown for a couple of pints.  Returning to cc's
three ginger soup.

 Around  7pm the lounge was cleared to make room to party.  And party we
did[981].  More films watched.  Subjects geeked.  Beer drank and food
cooked.  Just prior to mid night the meet departed the house to first foot.
Cc doing the honours of first footing in 2001.


Woke early went down to kitchen to make tea.  Walked into glass door that I
wasn't aware was closed.  Read some pages of a book whilst others woke  and
congrigated in the kitchen..  breckfast was served.  Then eventualy people
moved to heeading homewards again.  Another Gid and Suzi new year over.  But
just the beginning of the party for afps 10th year!


[234] Middle cat
[235] Junior cat
[236] Senior cat
[345] it's easier than Gwen coed gern
[367] Slang for Cigarette for merkin info
[987] Tesco's in budcrypt
[981] Like I was on sale for £9.99

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