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From: "Barry R" <>
Subject: [F] [ANNOUNCE] BarryMeet 2002. Ruthi's visit.
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 06:35:04 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Date: 5th January 2002.
Time: 18:00 till late (or not)
Venue: The Wetherspoons Pub. Elephant and Castle.

I know it's fairly early in the year to have a meet but the lovely
Ruthi is in the country, and has wondered if there's going to be a
london meet. (She had to mention it a few times before I got the
hint ;) )

The Plan:
Wetherspoons is a place is know to a fair few afpers and, for those
who'd like to make the most of the meet (ie, eat), I will be at the
Wetherspoons Pub from about 17:55. Here I (and any other hungry
afpers) will make our way to the bar, for food and drink.

There will be crashspace available for 4-6 people definitely, and
will go to the first persons making requests. (If anyone can
provide additional space, I'd be very grateful)

I'll have my mobile phone with me on the day. If you'd like the
number then drop a mail to the above address (or catch me on #afp,
if you inhabit that world occasionally.)

Any Questions can be emailed to

The Directions:
Now, those coming by vehicle other than of the public transport
kind, I can't really give more advice that "Aim for the Elephant
and Castle, and plan to leave the nightmare traffic layout of the
double roundabouts heading south along Kennington Road." Kennington
station is about quarter of a mile down the road. Turn left here,
and take the third right. Park car in this road, and take the
bus/tube/walk back up the Elephant and Castle. (There's a few maps

Public Transport.
Take Train to Central London. (optional)
Take Tube to Elephant And Castle. (The Bakerloo Line, or the City
Branch of the Northern Line)
Exit the station, turn left and go around the corner.
You'll see the Wetherspoons pub just across the road.

The 133 Bus runs right past Wetherspoons, and has the
following route south...
Liverpool St 
London Bridge,
Elephant and Castle
Camberwell Road
(and Vice Versa for the northbound version ;) )

Other buses may be caught to any of these places, where the 133 is
a surefire bet for you to be able to find the pub.

Other buses to the Elephant and Castle include:
12, 35, 40, 45, 53, 63, 168, 171, 172, 176, 184. (There may be

(Apologies for the linebreak that'll appear in the first two URLs)
The Map:


The best road for Parking.

250&zoom=3D1&isp=3D187&ism=3D500&arrow=3Dy?106,150 has a few pictures of
the sights you should see when exiting the Underground station.

Be seeing you...

Barry R. B.F.
- -- 
  \\\\\\_o  o=AC
__\\\\\\'/___/    Acoustic Ejogs Rule OK...

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