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From: "Jim Grimmett" <>
Subject: [F] [ANNOUNCE] Bath 5.0
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 20:49:19 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Dear all,
      yet again we find ourselves at the start of a brand new year,
perhaps a year older and wiser ... and then again thinking of AFP
maybe not ;)

Anyway - to the point, last year we didn't have a January AFP meet,  so I'm
trying to get back to tradition with by organising a meet on SATURDAY
19th JANUARY here in Bath at, yet again, the Hobgoblin pub.

The Meet will take place from 6 o'clock onwards in the Hobgoblin pub
in Bath. Onwards until about 11, when we could either go to a club or a
late opening pub - or back to mine for more drinks (or all of the above).

*From the Train station....
To get to the 'goblin you walk out of the station and follow the
direction the traffic goes on the main, one-way, road. After a set of
bus stops you come to some traffic lights. If you look past Boots on
your right you should be able to see a Halifax building society
branch. Its on the corner of a road and a pedestrian street. If you
follow the road you'll end up at the Hobgoblin.

*From the bus station....
Ask directions to the train station. Its about 100 yards away. From
there follow the above directions.

*By Car....
To make this easiest I'll have to assume that you can find your way
onto the M4.

On the M4 get off at junction 18 (A46) [2] and head towards
Bath. Follow the road until you come to a roundabout with traffic
lights on, and take the A4 (a right turn) into Bath itself.

Take this road until you come to a set of traffic lights wiath a left
feeder lane to the A36 to Warminster or A367 to Exeter. Take the left
turn (you'll go over a bridge, past a fire/ambulance station and a
petrol garage).
Take the right turn at the first mini-roundabout (By the Crown Inn),
keep following the signs to the A367 over another roundabout, through
some traffic lights (under a railway bridge) until you come to a big
roundabout [3] which goes under a railway.
Take the right turn under the bridge. You'll immediately go over a
river and come to a T junction, you have to go left. Take the
immediate right turn past the Quasar. Then take the left fork going
round the bend behind the Quasar.
The Hobgoblin is at the end of the road, before the roundabout.

The phone number of the 'goblin is 01225-460785. If you get stuck ring
and ask for Jim, and please tell me the name of a nearby pub or road
and I should be able to help.

When you get in the pub, I'll try to be on the ground floor. Come to the bar
and ask if Jim is here (say you've "Come for the meet").

Hope to see some of you there.

Cheers, Curiosity

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