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From: (Mary Perkins)
Subject: [I] Pub lunch, Manchester, this Sunday?
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 11:49:58 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi there fellow afpers!

I post to you all as the people responsible for my betrothal to Stuart
(remember we announced it in November?) due to us meeing at a
Manchester AFPmeet....

As you may remember, Stuart and I arranged to have a formal engagement
party this Saturday.   Due to financial restrictions we were only able
to invite family and exceedingly close friends, however, some of our
guests are staying the night and then continuing the celebration by
meeting for an informal lunch before going home on Sunday afternoon.

That's where you come in, if you fancy it?

We weren't able to invite you all to the formal do on Saturday, but we
do now have an excuse to extend the party into Sunday at a pub where
there's no restriction on numbers, and everyone and anyone is welcome
to join us for a beer and a burger or whatever for Sunday lunch...

Think of it as a  short [1] afpmeet for anyone who fancies a daytrip
to sunny Manchester!

VENUE / TIME - We plan to meet from 12 noon onwards (eating about
1pmish?) on Sunday 20th January, at the Hogshead pub where Stu and I
first met at a Manchester afpmeet (awwww!).

It's on all the main bus routes down Oxford road - Get off at the
Whitworth park bus stops and the pub is right next to MRI.  Please
visit the website and enter the postcode M13
9WG and hit 'find'.  This will display a map showing exactly where it
is.  The Hogshead pub is on the same side of Oxford Road as Grafton
Street (shown on map) is, and it is just beyond Grafton Street and
next to a small turning off into the MRI hospital.  For those that may
need to know, this pub *is* kid friendly at lunch-times!  It is also
cheap and sells good beer!

I think that's everything! 
Do email/phone if there's anything more you need to know.
If you need to reach us on Sunday I'll have my mobile on me
 - 07751 696 055.

We'll look forward to hopefully seeing you there!

Love Mary and Stuart xxx

[1] 'short' for a Mancmeet as they usually tend to go on for well over
24 hours... it'll be short but sweet!
AFPfiancee to Stuart Quinn-Harvie
Now officially his fiancee in real life - aren't I lucky?

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