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Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] 2002-01-26 Cambsmeet Details
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 16:26:41 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Sorry for the delay in posting these, Stuff Happened.

The Aquarion's 21st Birthday/Adrian Ogden's Birthday/Belated 
Darth Posie's Birthday/Less Belated Bluebottle's Birthday/AFParty
/We-Needed-A-Cambsmeet Meet Of Many Colours.


As previously aforementioned in the One True Announce
( the meet will start
at the Alma in Cambridge, and continue to be there.

Aquarion will be there from 16:00, Others are free to join in
as and when they can/will.

Crash space has been offered from Darth Posie, Peter & Julie,
and Nattie & Ben, and requested by
Aquarion, Lonecat, Davon, pThomas, Ingvar, Adrian Ogden, RachelW,
and Shadow. (SM & Pol, do you need Crashspace?)
If your name isn't on that list, then I your email or
query has been mislayed by Aquarionic Moronity Systems 3.0, and
I'm dreadfully sorry, mail and thwap me forthwith.

What else? Oh, yes.

How To Get There.
Instructions for getting to the Alma are contained in the message
id news://
Which can be got at by going to the following link:
(You'll have to rearrange it, it's on two lines)

To which I'd only add this to the instructions:
Go down Coronation St, follow it right to the end, and to your
left there will be a car-park-inna-hole with a pub neighbouring it.
The Alma is on the other side of the car-park-inna-hole, you can
see it if you look in the right direction.

Repeat: The Alma is on a road running paralel and to the left
of the end of Coronation Street.

Otherwise it would have been called the Rover's Return. Innit?

Yours apologetically,

Yours with an inablity to spell,

Yours in complete, and total sincerity,


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