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From: Stewart Tolhurst <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Oxford Buffy-Angel Meet 02/02/2002
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 18:50:16 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Thought this might be of interest to afp'ers as a large proportion of 
afp'ers seem to follow the exploits of our fave demon-ass-kicking babe 
and her vampire-with-a-soul ex.

This info is can also be found at:

umta/umtb Oxford Meet

It was decided that - in light of the recent Edinburgh meets - that 
Oxford held a sufficiently large population of Buffy/Angle-fans to 
sustain a umta/umtb meet.

The Time: Saturday 2nd February 2002, 18:30

The Place: The Turf Tavern, Hollywell St, Oxford

The Plan: The Turf does good food for those that want it and *very* good 
beer.  So expect to eat, drink and be merry :) 

How to get to the Turf Tavern:

There are two routes to the Turf depending on how well you know Oxford
or if you have a tourist map :)

Assuming travel from either bus station or rail station.  From the rail 
station turn left towards town and you will see a big junction.  You want 
to take the fork on the left (called Hyth Bridge Street) this road will 
take you past the Blackwells HQ, a futon shop and Jongleurs.  Keep 
walking till you to get to a crossroad (of sorts). 

You want to go straight across (to the LHS of a Chinese Restaurant called 
The Opium Den).  This road is called George Street (the bus station is on 
your left - people travelling by bus join the directions here) walk 
straight down.  Go across the next cross road (past Waterstones) onto 
Broad Street.  Keep walking straight down (past the White Horse - a morse 
pub - on your left) until you come to another crossroad with a set of 
traffic lights.  There will be a pub called The Kings Arms on the 
opposite side of the road on the left and the Sheldonian Theatre (big 
round building) on your right on the side of the road you should be on.

Route 1: Go straight across into Hollywell Street.  The back entrance to 
the Turf is on your right opposite the Hollywell Music room.  It is 
pretty well signposted.

Route 2:  Turn right at this cross road (along the side of the entrance 
to the Bodlean Library) then take the next left (you should see the 
Bridge of Sighs).  Go under the bride and you will see an alleyway on you 
left - this is the front entrance to the Turf!!

Basically if you get lost ask a tourist where The Bridge of Sighs or The 
Hollywell Music Room is (or indeed New College!)

Crash Space

None arranged (expecting mainly locals).  I can put people up provided 
they email me in advance.  Anyone else willing to offer space email me - - and I'll put people in touch.

How to get to Oxford

Oxford has excellent transport connections and most places in the South 
of England are within reasonable reach.

- - - From London:
There are two bus services:

The Citylink 90 (
The Oxford Tube (

Both services are regular and depart from Victoria rail station and pick 
up at a number of points on their way out of London.

- - From elsewhere:
Oxford is also on a main rail line and as such has good rail services. 
The Railtrack web site can provide journey times (or ring 0345-484950). 
There are also good bus links to and Aylesbury (the number 280 Arriva 
which runs every half hour and runs until about 20:00). The National 
Express web ( site offers a search 
service which allows you to choose your starting point and destination 
and will give you coach times.


There are a number of major roads which take you to Oxford: A40/M40, A34, 
A420/M4. If you do drive then I would seriously recommend either 
arranging to leave the car at the (pre-arranged) crash space or to use 
the park and ride (there are 4 park and ride car parks with bus routes 
running E-W and N-S through the town centre to them all). Parking in 
Oxford is a nightmare at the best of times and Saturdays are VERY busy. 
The centre of Oxford now has lots of traffic restriction - if you haven't 
driven round Oxford before beware! NB: The Thames Valley Police are very 
zealous about drink driving. You have been warned.

The City of Oxford WWW ( site is a good 
resource for information on how to get here.

Please email me either at if you have any 

Look forward to seeing people soon.


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