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Green Man VI: Photos

g02_moth_corrine.jpgMoth and Corrine
g03_mike_lonecat.jpgMike and Lonecat
g04_rachel_lonecat.jpgRachel and Lonecat
g05_lurker_nattie.jpgLurker and Nattie
g07_lucy_bares_all.jpgLucy bares all!
g08_corinne_rachel_lonecat.jpgCorinne,Rachel and Lonecat
g09_moths_arm.jpgA view of Moth's arm
g10_cameraview.jpgA Camera View
g11_lucy_sheep.jpgLucy with sheep
g12_anejo_lucy.jpgAnejo and Lucy
g13_lucy_sheep2.jpgLucy - I love my sheep
g14_anejo_lucy2.jpgAnejo and Lucy again!
g15_cookie_cat.jpgCookie with cat
g16_rachel_cc.jpgRachel shares a joke with Cookie
g17_rachel_cc2.jpgRachel and Cookie
g18_anejo_leatherman.jpgAnejo with ?
g19_anejo_leatherman2.jpgAnejo with ..... ahhh it's a leatherman
g20_feet_up.jpgTime to put your feet
g21-camerazoom.jpgAnother camera shot.

Photos courtesy of Adrian Ogden.

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