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From: Karen <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Feb 16th Green Man VI - AFP is 10 years old!
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 16:24:16 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Well its that time of year again - mid winter, miserable weather in 
London, wet and grey and chilly. Hogswatch is a distant memory, now its 
just counting the days until they are longer and warmer.

However... not only is Valentines day *very* fortuitously placed to give 
an excuse for a party in the butt end of the year but additionally we 
have AFP's 10th birthday at the end of January. (I guess 10 years ago 
people were desperate for something to brighten up their winter as 

I did toy with the idea of combining the two and making it a 'We lurve 
AFP ' meet but I couldn't *quite* bring myself to use it.  Yet...

But... ten years is a pretty long time for a newsgroup and a lot of 
people pass through. We all know that this group has been the happy 
meeting ground  forming  acquaintances both virtual and real for a chat 
or a laugh or an argument, as well as many closer friendships, 
partnerships and marriages and at least one baby.  That really merits 
marking with some serious celebrating. I mean really it just wouldn't be 
*right* to let it pass without thought... Would it now? :}
This is absolutely serious business of course and any suggestion that 
its really all just an excuse for another good party will be met with a 
Hard Stare.

  I reckon that we may be amid miserable Winter evenings, but we can make 
at least one of them *much*  longer and warmer and friendlier on 
February 16th. Last year we had a Valentine  meet at this time with 
various furrin guests, novelty items such as esmi's red handcuffs 
(ostensibly never used, fnur fnur), delightful candles in the shape of 
buttocks (to provide moonlight??) provided by one Vodka Vixen (who 
insisted that they were in fact heart shaped...),  and assorted foreign 
delicacies and many, many visitors.

And there are just a few things we will be doing to make it a bit 
special and memorable, not just for those of us who can actually go but 
for our fellow afpers who won't be there. And simply because - well... 
yeah ok its an excuse for another party and hopefully done in a such a 
way that we can share it with as many people as possible.


Mark your diaries, more  details imminently. Anyone coming who may need 
crash space can start mailing me now.  Anyone who can provide crash 
space mail me too! Otherwise indication of attendance helps me a lot, so 
as to give the landlady numbers.

As ever everyone is welcome, new bugs and distant travellers especially 


- -- 
              ** AFP will be 10 years old in 2002 **
Want to come to a world wide party?

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