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Green Man VI: Photos

adrian-lonecat-mike-thom.jpgAdrian, Lonecat, Mike, and Thom.
charlotte-rachel.jpgCharlotte and Rachel
huw-kimmi.jpgGuitar Huw, and Kimmi
karen-aquarion.jpgkaren and Aquarion look at the quote file... "It doesn't look good"...
karen-turtle.jpgKaren and Turtle.
lucy-anejo-nattie.jpgThree no-so-little maids who've left school are we...
Lucy, Anejo & Nattie
lucy-elaine-lucyscleavage.jpgIn case you missed it last time...
Lucy with cleavage & Elaine
lucy-elaine.jpgMoi? I'm an innocent girl from the valleys...
Lucy & Elaine
lucy-sheep.jpgSee, Lucy loves her sheep...
mole.jpgMole tries to eat a ferret...
nattie.jpgNattie, Renegade Soubrette.
paul-tom-bjorn-mpk-bruce-vixen-kat.jpgAn "EliteClique™"
Paul, Tom, Bjorn, MPK, Bruce, Vixen & Kat
simon-kimmi.jpgSimon and Kimmi
thom-corinne-mole.jpgThom, Corinne, and Mole.
thom-lonecat-aquarion-corinne.jpgThom, Lonecat, Aquarion, and Corinne.
thomas-corinne-thom-mike-lonecat-james-womble-steve-matthew.jpgThe "Troublemaker" Table
Thomas, Corinne, Thom, Mike, Lonecat, James, Womble, Steve & Matthew
womble.jpgPhoto'ing me, photo'ing you, ad nauseum...

Photo's courtesy of Barry R.

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