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The Meet Itself...

liz-adam-ben.jpgLiz, Adam and Ben
liz-ben.jpgLiz and Ben
aquarion-cookie-alistair-jennifer-graham.jpgAquarion, Cookie, Alistair, Jennifer, and Graham look on as Cookie finds a good use for business cards.
lonecat-aquarion-cookie-kimmi-graham.jpgLonecat, Aquarion, Cookie, Kimmi, and Graham.
mouse-dmark-pol-kincaid.jpgSupermouse, Mark Datko, Pol and Kincaid
cookie-andhishouseofcards.jpgCookie, and his House Of Cards
pol-mouse.jpgPoll holds court with Supermouse...

At the Ratcage

kincaid-cookie-pol-flexor.jpgKincaid, Cookie, Pol and Flexor... Doesn't Cookie look *so* cute...

Sunday Brunch (Lovely it was... Thanks Huw.)

jennifer-adam-liz.jpgJennifer, Timmy Mallett Adam And Liz
jester-kimmihides.jpgJester smiles, and Kimmi tries to hide...
jester-kimmi.jpgJester reads the Secret Diaries. See Kimmi, there's no use hiding...
aquarion-liz-lonecat-adam.jpgAquarion, Liz, Lonecat, and Adam

Just before seeing Monsters Inc.

jennifer-jester-lonecat-kincaid-aquarion.jpgLonecat does the food run for Andy. (Photo left-to-right: Jennifer, Jester, Lonecat, Kincaid, and Aquarion)

Photo's courtesy of Barry R.

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