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From: "Jennifer Rowland" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Seeing Stuff Meet, London, 23 March
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 16:43:45 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


The Place: London. The Day: Saturday 23rd March. The Occasion: A few people 
are going to be around London and fancied a meet. And AFP is 10 years old! 
Dress Code: Shoes that don't hurt your feet. Anything else is up to 
individual preference, though nudity is not recommended as March can be 
pretty chilly.

We'll start at 2.30 pm on the Embankment, for some lovely views up and down 
the river. Go to Embankment tube station, which is moderately easy to get to 
from all directions (or at least equally difficult), go out of the 
right-hand exit as you come out of the barriers, cross the road and lean on 
the railing looking contemplatively into the river. Please hold on tight to 
any small children or fluffy toys who want to look into the river too, it 
can be so embarrassing to call the river police to fish Young Fred out of 
the mud.
If it's raining, wait in the entrance hall of the tube station. I'll borrow 
a mobile phone and email people who have told me they are coming with the 
number in case of problems, etc.

The next bit we will decide on the day, and partly depends on weather.
Either we will have a nice walk around historic Westminster and through St 
James's Park and then go to Many Worlds (the *other* sf bookshop) or go to 
Many Worlds and then to the British Museum.
(If somebody wants to argue really persuasively that we should
go to Covent Garden or Harrods or something instead, they can try and
see how many people agree with them. I reserve the right to shout
"Splitters!" <20p>)

Then we will have a meal. Depending on how many want to come, we may need to 
book somewhere ("You want a table for 17 on a Saturday evening? Ha ha.") So 
I need some idea of how many are thinking of coming, and also of what people 
can't/don't eat. I would reckon to go somewhere where you can eat (real 
edible food) for under £10 a head. They do exist even in London, honest.

We will then repair to a pub, for pleasant and edifying conversation. This 
is where my plan ends, if we meet up again on Sunday that would be nice too.

People who can only come in the afternoon or the evening are very welcome. 
If you want to come to the pub, make sure you email me to get the phone 
number so you can find out where we are.

Crashspace: If you need it or can offer it, get in touch!

Please post replies to afp or email me at my "from" address, janamouse at

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