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From: "Andrea Rason" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Reminder for Meet Tamara in Yorkshire 6th/7th
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 18:53:36 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Just a reminder of the meet type thing in Sheffield on or around
April the 6th.

It's Tamara's fault cos she's here for a visit and we thought she
might like to meet a few of the locals.  It's also the week before my
birthday (and the week after a few others), so I want in on it and
it's the anniversary of Gaspode and Di first meeting at the Kelham
Island meet (well that was around my birthday too so it's also a few
days early).

The plans for the weekend are as follows.

he Plans
The plan is to meet up at Meadowhall any time from 10am, if people
need to meet at a different time we can make individual plans.

Then we thought food and cinema, taking in a short trip on the
Supertram.  Depending on film times and what's on,  we thought it
would be fun to go see something interesting, there are a choice of
screens and we plan to have a meal at one of the local restaurants.
Bowling and stuff like that's available here too if people show a

Shopping can be fitted around this , Meadowhall has a wide range of
shops to cater to just about any interest.  So those of you who are
shop-aholics will be happy.

Later we thought people could make their way back to the various
places they are staying to dump bags n stuff. Then meet at the
Commercial which is 5 minutes walk from where we live.

The Commercial does good grub and a fine pint (or so I'm told) and
have been warned to expect a crowd. Extra surprises will be happening
here too.

We thought we'd aim for the 10:30 train which takes about 10 minutes
to get to Elsecar.  They have some sort  of special event going on and
all the usual things.  These pages tell you about some of the things
they have going on

There are places round here where we can eat and if it gets boring we
can move on to Wentworth. :-)  Eventually we will wander back to our
various bases and people can generally laze around and relax.

Directions etc.
Directions to the various places you will need to know and phone
numbers will be sent individually if you request them, contact me on
the e-mail below for more details.  Hope they meet everyone's


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