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From: "C. Cooke" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] (short notice) Cambridge meet on Friday 7th June
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 17:32:55 +0000 (UTC)


Yes, ok. So there hasn't been a Cambridge meet in a while. But Aquarion's
staying with me while we do house hunting type things, so there's a good


The Alma.

Directions stolen from the October meet (but then, those were stolen from
me...). (The additional text is from Rosemary)

### quoted from Rosemary ###

The Alma,
Panton Street, Cambridge.

> (From the station) Walk up station road until it meets Hills
> road. There's a statue in the middle of the road, you can't miss it.
> Carry on to your right along Hills Road towards the city centre. Walk
> along until you pass a co-op, dominoes pizza etc.
> Turn left (West) onto Coronation Street a short way after the co-op (if
> you miss it, there's Union Street, just after it, which also goes to
> where you need.
> At the bottom of (Union|Coronation) Street, you'll find Panton street.
> The pub is visible from panton street - IIRC it's either on it or not
> very far down a side street.

(When I followed these directions, I glanced to my left and I saw the
Alma, down a side street. I can't remember whether I was on Union St
or Coronation St though. I will give out my mobile number via email in
case anyone gets lost, and I apologise in advance for same.

### end quote ###

(the mobile thing is a good idea. So I'll do it :-)


Well, I'll be out of work at 18:30ish, and I should get to the pub by
around 19:00. Aquarion may be there earlier.

Crash space?
Best email quickly. But it's unlikely there will be much, given the short

- -- 
Charles Cooke, Sysadmin
Say it with flowers, send a triffid.

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