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Message-ID: <>
From: Guitar Huw <>
Subject: [F] Nottingham Meet Report - 29/30 June
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 11:22:53 +0100

Well, it's Monday morning and I'm still alive....

Here are the ramblings of a first time meet organiser - a small tale I 
will call "Giving Supermouse A Break" (or Mouse to Mouse Resuscitation)

Saturday 29 June

Wake at 6 am.  Panic.  Drink coffee.  Panic more.
Check checklist.
Recheck checklist.
Go to #afp to wibble for a while.
Get told off for wibbling when I should have been hoovering.

10am Go into town...

The meet was due to start at 5pm.  In true afp style people started 
arriving from 2pm, and I travelled the city in search of afpers.

Having met Andrea, Dell and Roy at the railway station, we then found an 
Oli, Charlotte and Ryo-chan.  Closely followed by a Peterneko...

People went off shopping and geeking and I went to the Salutation to make 
sure all was ok.

People arrived.  People ate.  People waved light-sabres around.  People 
drank. People drank more (although noone drank more than Gid)

Mad phone call received from Tony "Grumbledook" Sheppard - "I'm in a 
Police Station in Northampton, trying to get some kids arrested.  See you 
soon..."  He never turned up...

Me :)
Barry R
Jen Herbert + her SO
Ben Hutchings
Adrian Ogden
Liz "Pink" Ashton
C Cooke
Mark "Hippo" Datko
Andrea Rason
Roy "Kaiserdad"
Paul Kennedy + Jo
Jen Birren

People went and crashed (apart from at my house where amplifiers got 
plugged in, loud noise was made by myself and Gid, with others singing)

Sunday 30 June
Wake up at 9am.  Put the kettle on.  Wander to shop to get stuff for 
crashing afpers.  Make tea and coffee.  Chat.  Walk to bus stop.

Arrive at Red Lion for 11am.  Order breakfasts for lots people.  Iskander 
turned up.

Lots of eating happened. Some afpers had two breakfasts because they 
enjoyed the first one so much.  People chatted, geeked 4D chess and spare 
computers.  Kincaid was given a printer, Gid was given lots of things.

At 12noon the bar opened. Drinking took place.  Gid and I seem to agree 
that the natural habitat for a Welshman is in the bar, and the natural 
position is stood at the bar, with pint in hand.

People started to depart at 1.30 or so.  Some home, some to the fencing 

By 2.30 everyone had gone.  Supermouse seems to think I did a good job...

Go home.


A quotefile was created, so if you like quotefiles, go here.

I'm hoping other views and photos will follow

The Doctor told me to cut down on the .sigs

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