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Nottingham Fencing Meet: Announce

From: Ingvar Mattsson <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Fencemeet, June 30th, Nottingham
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 16:58:29 +0000 (UTC)


OK, cancelled once, but this time our plans will come to life!

Lady Lark and Gruk the Troll are happy to announce an AFPish fencing
meet at Nottingham University on Sunday June 30th. The over-all plan
is to spend some hours fencing, chatting and (possibly) try other
weapons. Happily enough, there is no rental for the hall this time
(see below) but we'd still liek to have an idea of how many will
attend the actual fencing.  Suitable e-mail address for telling us
this is <>.

There will be jackets, masks, foils and some gloves available, but if
you have your own kit, please bring it along.

There will be no fee for the fencing hall as-such, but there is a
small charge (UKP 3.50 as to Lark's best memory) for the use of
the facilities for non-members of the sports centre.

The schedule is as follows:
  xx:yy-zz:zz attend Notts meet.
  morning brekkie
  14:00 Fencing starts
  17:00 Fencing stops, fencers get changed and washed

[description of how to get to the fencing venue]
 1. Leave the M1 at junction 25
 2. Follow signs to the A52, to Beeston
 3. Keep going along the A52 until you reach a roundabout with a large
    pub/restaurant on the corner.  Turn right here (signs to the
 4. Go down this road (tree-lined) until you see a mini-roundabout
    with signs saying 'University of Nottingham, West Entrance'
 5. Enter the university grounds, and follow the road round to the left
 6. Look for a left turn (about the 3rd or 4th) signposted to the sports centre
 7. Attempt to find a parking space

//Ingvar (with assistance by Lady Lark)
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