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Edinburgh Meet: Report

From: "PDoc" <pdocherty@hotmaildotcom>
Subject: [F] Edinburgh Meet Report
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 12:25:22 +0100

Edinburgh Meet Report

   Sunday, 18th of August and Tuesday, 20th of August

   Edinburgh, UK (In body, though often Durham in mind...)

   Paul "PDoc" Docherty
   Andrew Gray
   Jennifer Gray
   Simon Waldman
   Caroline Alexander (Tues. only)
   Brian Wakeling (Tues. only)
   Nicholas "Beaneater" Wolverson (Tues. only)

After noticing a large amount of Pratchett-Oriented activity planned for
this years festival, a meet was organised (Primarily by a newbie - probably
not a good idea, but it worked...). After heavy public consultation (we
discussed the meet in a pub), the date was set. By a magnificent stroke of
luck, a performance of Mort was planned for that day, and the meet was
created around it.

Meeting in the Tron in the afternoon, it was soon clear that the weather was
definitely going to be Scottish in flavour - annoying as the weather had
been pristine in previous days. However, the adaptation of Mort was very
good (if a little strobe-heavy), with an 'interesting slap-stick
improvisation mid way though. The theatre group, wonderland productions
(, were talented, and the entire performance
consisted of only 6 or 7 performers. However, the venue left your humble
meet organiser in trepidation, for the venue was Adam House - scene of
horrific exam-related carnage at Edinburgh Uni.
After the play, we left with a thirst, and so attempted to find a pub. This
should have been easier than it was, but Edinburgh was apparently
experiencing a short monsoon season, so we wandered around a little until we
fell into the Tron again. However, in search of some food, we progressed to
one of Edinburgh's best pubs - the Holyrood, as the Tron was full of wet
tourists (lol). To those who haven't witnessed this hallowed drinking venue
(most of AFP then), the Holyrood is a somewhat distinctive pub in the old
town of Edinburgh. Full of sofas, apparently bought at various second-hand
shops over the last  5 millennia, and rather 'alternative' music, the
Holyrood is home of the most spectacular burger I've seen in many a year.
<music genre="classical" style="dramatic"> Enter Todo Burger! </music> The
menu describes the Todo burger as being 'world famous', which it definitely
should be. However, some confusion arose when one has to decide how to eat
said burger. The result was messy, decadent and wholly satisfying - Simon
and I were verily impressed. Andrew and Jennifer partook in more civilised
plates, but, eye's full of the glory of the Todo burger, Andrew could not
help buying one for himself at a later date...

Engorged, and impressed with the passing of the monsoon, we left the pub and
chose a Witchery tour around 7pm. Organised by Auld Reekie tours
(, the tour chose several over-ground locations to
describe various murderous legends of Edinburgh, such as Burke and Hare,
before taking us to the medieval torture museum, which can only be described
as containing much 'Affordable-Iron'. Dangly bits in fear, we left for the
last part of the tour, deep in the vaults of Edinburgh. Here we were told of
ghosts, harassing a modern-day witches coven, and shown a modern pagan
temple. The tour culminated in shock, horror and cynical AFP members, but
was good fun. In advice mode, I would suggest to any wanting to go on a tour
in future to take a later tour, perhaps at 10.30pm or so, as they are more
'interesting' (read graphic).

However, disaster befell us at the hands of the evil Vodafone; apparently,
the vast amounts of tourists in Edinburgh just now have over-loaded the
network. This resulted in my phone being 'booted' off the network that
evening, which I didn't notice until it was too late... Brian and Caroline,
who had been unable to meet us earlier in the day due to illness, had being
trying to contact us to meet. Alas, it was too late - the gods had conspired
against your noble meet-organiser. So I organised another meet for the
following Tuesday.

Again, we met in the Tron at 1pm, but the weather was far improved - blue
skies even! So we adjourned to the Princes Gardens, and we did lounge around
and discuss the rights of man, the human condition, and whether Lord of the
Rings was any good. But the memory of the Todo burger yearned in our souls
until we could take it no longer. We therefore set out on a quest. The
Holyrood, once again, did provide us with much nutrition (and some mushrooms
too), and a god few pints of Deuchers IPA :). By 7pm, the full contingent
was with us - we were joined by a post-con Beaneater (what did you do to
him, fiends!) and a post-theatre-engineering Simon, and we set out to see
the Crash Boom Bang Theory
( The
show, set in the spectacular venue of the Edinburgh vaults, was hugely
impressive, and all were entertained. By way of a brief description, the
show involved the improvisation of certain key moments in history - with a
few small changes. Thus, we were witness to the learning at the Inca School
of Theatre and Performing Arts, the French Revolution, where the
upper-classes were crushed by Marmite, and Shakespeare's ode to the Mini
Cooper S. The performers, Rebecca De Unamuno and Murray Fahey, can be highly
recommended (BTW, thanks Viv).

From those stunning surrounding, we moved to what is IMHO, the best new pub
in Edinburgh (Nicol Edwards). The decor, splendid, and the beer, cheap
(Tight-Arse-Tuesday), the meet was rounded off. Unfortunately, Caro and
Brian had left before the performance, and Simon had an appointment with
suspect food in the Grassmarket later that night, so left the pub around
10.30. Or at least, that's what I remember of meet. As they say, correct me
if I'm wrong. But, I believe everyone enjoyed the meet(s), and I hope to
have another Edinburgh meet in the not-so-distant future.

Photos to follow...


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