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Edinburgh meet part 2

From: "PDoc" <pdocherty@hotmaildotcom>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Edinburgh Meet, Tuesday 20th [part two, attack of the todo-burger]
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 23:23:13 +0100

Hey all,

Like a fast-food decision taken at 5am on a Friday night, the Edinburgh meet
is coming back for vengeance. As all parties who were at today's meet are
available, and several more besides, we are holding a second meet on
Tuesday. Details, are, well, non-existent. But you can be assured a pub will
be involved somewhere (more than likely the Holyrood [1]), and a play if I
can find one. Please *email me*, call me, tap-me-politely-on-the-shoulder,
or harass me with a haddock if you are interested. Details, as they so often
say, shall follow.

No real meet report yet, except to say that the adaptation of Mort was very
good, and the witchery tour 'interesting'. The weather was neither. Again,
details to follow. As well as my website, someday soon (April).

Thanks, Paul

[m] 07979 7575 49
[p] 0131 331 5085

[1] We liked the seating arrangements (old sofas, none of which matched at
all), the clientele (the pub was empty, unlike the rest of Edinburgh), the
food (mmm... todo-burger, I think I love you) and the barman, who didn't
appear to know how to work in a bar. All good.

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