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From: Aquarion <>
Subject: [F] The Great Fandom Crossmeet. Or not (Meet, Lunnon, End of August) [Was Re: (F) Coraline]
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:17:23 +0100
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On Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:02:57 -0000, Ruthi Rokshin
<> wrote:

>In article <>, On Tue, 30 Jul 
>2002,  Simon Callan wrote...
>> It can be quite worrying, the extent to which people will stretch in
>> attempting to create an annotation, that does not really exist. For
>> example, ...
>> In Neil Gaiman's latest work, Coraline, 
>and *Hijacked*
>There are two Coraline[1] signings in London on August 22nd, 
>you said you were going to organise something?

Lummy, I did, didn't I? Well, I'm still planning on going there, and
so is LoneCat. Right then...

On the Wednesday after the Convention (2002-08-22), Neil Gaiman will
be signing copies of his new book, Coraline, at Forbidden Planet from
15:00 onwards. My suggestion is that we meet at 1pm in a drinking
establishment, join the queue at 2pm outside Forbidden Planet, and
then take the meet somewhere else from there, Details to be decided
and announced officially later on.

Comments, suggestions, announcements of intent to arrive, and screams
of "please don't post things like this" to,
if you would be so kind.

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