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London Meets Sanity: Report

From: Sanity <>
Subject: [F] Report: London Meets Sanity
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 23:12:33 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Attenting, in no particular order:
Sanity, your humble organizer of the meet 
Astrid, accompanying your humble organizer
Adrian Ogden, banging things loudly and enthousiastically (without 
GuitarHuw, keeper of the Quotefile and not actually playing guitar 
Ped, accompanying Huw and being at her first real meet apparently 
Barry, distributor of flyers 
Ladylark, being the small girl with curly dark hair 
Kimmi, being innocent 
Tom, the meet newbie who behaved so well we didn't go through the 
ritual bloody painfull stuff (which doesn't necesarily mean he won't 
get it at the Green Man, mwuhahahahaha <veg>) 
Liz, adding some sexual innuendo and generally high-pitched laughter. 
Beaneater, accompanying Liz, adding hair and scottishness Hippo, 
adding a bit of pace to the meet during the walking bits 
Rhys, and girl who's name I've forgotten, adding to the welshness of 
the meet 
Eric Jarvis, being the mosh pit 
Nattie, adding a corset and laughter even more high-pitched than Liz 
Ben, accompanying Nattie and paying for her as well 
Ingvar, being the Afpurrer and doing other freaky things with his 
body. Not helping in the amount of hair.

It was a light and sunny afternoon in London, when I woke up in 
Regent's Park and decided to go to Angel Station. This was entirely 
because people were assuming I was organising a meet. I, of course, 
wasn't really. I was merely the one who said there should be a meet, 
as I was in London anyway. The actual organising merely consisted of 
listening to people who knew what they were doing and where they were 
going, and repeating this in a slightly louder voice.

Arriving at Angel Station a few minutes before the official Start Of
The Meet, some afpers had already gathered - and they barely noticed
me, even. This while I was waving my shiny afp badge around like a
madman. But I'll assume my girlfriend Astrid was attracting all
attention ;-) I said hello to the gathered bunch of afpers, who in
return said hello to me. So this was all going pretty well. I even
received a present from Hippo, which means that I will now have no
more excuses to not understand rhyming slang :-)

As I still had some people on my list who should still arrive, we
waited till 6pm at the station. Most notably missing were Rocky Frisco
and Eric Jarvis. As Eric had pointed out the restaurant, we figured
he'd be able to find the place on his own. Ladylark was going to join
us later, Barry disappeared to do other stuff so the 15 of us set our
for Chapel Market where the restaurant was supposed to be. We were
guided by Ingvar, who Knew Where He Was Going, so as the organiser I
said "follow him" and my duty was done for the moment.

The restaurant was an Indian vegetarian place which had some very 
suitable posters for afpers (at this point I'd like to mention the 
orgasmic cucumber, just for the sake of it). I'm sure there's a photo 
of it somewhere made by an afper - I know what they're like. The 
restaurant did a 3 pound all-you-can-eat, fairly spicy food but 
nevertheless tasting good. The sudden appearance of 15 people did 
scare them a bit, I think, but they managed to put us all pretty 
close together. I don't know what they put in the food but it didn't 
take long before it was realised a quote file was going to be 
necesary. Because I didn't want to pull out my geektoy all the time, 
Huw got together a pen and paper, and kept the Quotefile [1]. I think 
people enjoyed themselves, as sounds were produced by some of the 
afpers that are too high to be audible for the human ear...And by the 
stroking of certain afpers (Kimmi lost a few purity points there...)

As dinner happened, an Eric Jarvis appeared, and joined us. He even 
gave me a book, of more than 700 pages even, so thanks in advance for 
the sleepless nights this will result in. Later on, Rhys and his 
girlfriend disappeared (people kept doing that throughout the meet - 
this must be a .uk thing, I think :-p). But soon there was a 
Ladylark, who got there through a marvelous demonstration of 
globalisation: she sent me an SMS (through .nl of course) asking Huw 
(who is Welsh) to call Barry. This did mean Huw had to take his phone 
apart to get his SIM card into Ped's phone (hmmm, must remember that 
for a horrible pick-up line: "Can I put my SIM into yours, baby 
*waggles eyebrows*?") because he had a flat battery. This all worked 
and soon a short girl with curly dark hair appeared and ate dinner.

Upon my suggestion to go towards the pub (well, I was the organizer. 
Officially), money was thrown towards me which was enough to pay and 
we were able to leave. The people Who Knew Where We Were Going 
(Ingvar and Eric, apparently) guided us towards the pub, which turned 
out to be somewhat more than a short walk from the restaurant. We 
were slowed down a bit because Liz couldn't walk as fast due to a 
chest infection - or so she said. When she was walking up front (so 
we could adjust more easily to her pace) the only thing people could 
see was a white blur followed by a blur of afpers trying to keep up. 
In the end, I think the fastest walkers where Liz and Hippo, and this 
makes one think, doesn't it? I suggest a Sporting Afpmeet so you can 
all get some excercise :-p

Arriving at the Hope & Anchor (after about half an hour of walking), 
it was already pretty busy. Upstairs turned out to be a pool room and 
no sign of live music. A short Toilet Meet took place before the meet 
went back downstairs bit by bit where Adrian (with hat) and Barry 
were found. The music was going to be in the basement, so this is 
where everyone (eventually) went, after some drinks, talk, or lacing 
up inna corset. Downstairs even more afpers had vanished (Liz, 
Beaneater - where did you go?) and there was a supporting act 
playing. Presumably supporting in the way that everything was going 
to sound well after this - it's a pity I didn't get a photo of Huw's 
facial expression (painfull yet amazed describes it best). The band 
after that was even louder, but definitely better than the first. But 
we were of course waiting in agony for X-Static. But this also meant 
Adrian was still around at the meet and his hat could be tried on by 
several people (which, I gathered from other meet photos, is some 
kind of custom). Also, at this point, salty liquorice was handed out 
with the promise that after the X-Static gig, there would be 
stroopwafels. For some reason, some of the afpers didn't seem to like 
this black summum of dutch edible culture. Odd.

Finally they climbed the stage, 2 guitarists, a bass guitarist and a 
hatless drummer. They gave away a performance that was simply great. 
I had already prepared myself with listening to some XTC songs, but 
failed to recognize most anyway. Of course the gig contained both [2] 
hits, "Senses working overtime" and "Making plans for Nigel". It was 
nice to hear them without the oh so 80s sound of the original; it 
showed how good these (and the other) songs are, because they sounded 
very recent in a way. The members of X-Static must have been proud 
and surprised that they even had a mosh pit [3], created by our very 
own Eric Jarvis who, by the look of it, really liked the music and 
was having a good time. The rest of the meet was staying more at the 
back [4], enjoying the music. Unfortunately Astrid was rather tired 
(we'd been walking all over London since Friday afternoon) so she sat 
at the back a bit - but I can say that she was enjoying the gig as 
much as everybody else. She didn't know any of the XTC songs, though, 
not even the hits.

After the gig had finished, the Person In Charge Of The Equipment 
decided that the sound produced up until that moment wasn't loud 
enough and put on some really, really loud music. And it wasn't even 
good music...We went outside, and most of the meeters left homewards 
or hotelwards with last or near-last buses and trains - after 
congratulating Adrian on the excellent performance. The die-hard 
afpgroupies that stayed were Kimmi & Tom (who left soon after going 
outside), Hippo, Eric, Ingvar, Astrid and me, later joined by Adrian 
who had to dismantle and put away some stuff. To celebrate, 
stroopwafels were handed out to the meet. They were pressed together 
a bit during the flight and the gig, but the small confined space 
that was the basement had caused them to warm up a little, which is 
just right for stroopwafels [5]. For those wanting more information 
on these: <>  is the url mentioned on the 
packing. Ingvar chose this moment to show off some of the more freaky 
things he can do with his body. The purring wasn't too bad (I'm still 
practicing), but what this man can do with his fingers and thumbs 

All good things come to an end, and so did this meet. Eric kepton 
talking for a while with Adrian, while the rest of us walked back to 
catch the bus/train. Considering that I'm the organizer, Ingvar was 
the last person to leave the Meet [6] (missing his last train).

I hope it was worth the effort and the ear damage (why do those 
concerts always have to be so loud?), I hope everyone had as good a 
time as Astrid & I did. It was nice to see & hear some of the UK 
afpers, I'm glad that newbie Tom and SO's Ped and Astrid enjoyed 
themselves. The only thing that lacked at this meet was a decent 
marriage proposal, really.

Thanks again to all those visiting, *knuffels* for those that didn't 
get one Saturday and actually wanted one, and I'll hope to see you 
again sometime!

<cue Vera Lynn "We'll meet again">

I'm doing my best to get this report, any additions and the photos up 
on affordable-hedgehogs asap (this Monday night is the target)

     reply-to sanity at affordable-hedgehogs dot co dot uk valid


[2] Apparently, they had more, but people only remember 2

[3] At least, that's the word we use in .nl for the bit before the
    stage where people are bouncing and pouncing, and it's English, so
    I'll assume you know what I'm talking about.

[4] Though it was such a small basement, that that was nearly the same
    as at the front...

[5] But this is no time to geek the proper conditions for eating
    stroopwafels ;-)

[6] Counting Astrid would be unfair

"Sanity shall make ye -ing fret" - 21/09/02: London meets Sanity
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