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Musical Sanity Meet: Report

From: Guitar Huw <>
Subject: Re: [F] Musical Sanity Meet.
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:08:29 +0100
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In article <HTrj9.7838$>, says...
> AKA London meets Sanity Meet.
> Well, firstly, it was an excellent meet, thank-you Sanity for organising
> it[1], and thank-you for the music, X-static[2].  As an Afpmeet virgin, I
> must admit I was somewhat.....apprehensive, but after about 15 minutes, I
> though "Ah, sod it!" and did my best to get into the swing of it.  At least
> I'm prepared for the Green Man!
> I now await with a mixture of fear, suspense and dread the famous quote-file
> and photos......
> [1] Or yelling "We're meeting here", at least. :-)
> [2] Currently being played at a similar volume to Saturday *grin*
> Tom.
Some photos here...

And the quotefile is here...

Oi Sanity! Meet report?

It was also Ped's first meet (her first taste of AFP being at the Con).  
She found the whole thing very entertaining.  Especially the discussions 
with Liz on the train (should I be scared now?).  And she got 2 

The veggie restaurant was good. And the Kashmiri Falosas (sp?) which was 
that wonderful milk, rose syrup and ice cream notamilkshake were amazing 

I think we need to have words with BarryR about the "5 minute walk" to 
the Hope and Anchor though.  My feet still hurt ;)

X-Static were top class.  'nuff said.

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